Last Minute Gifts With Amazon

Kindle Unlimited - perfect for the reader in your life! Audible Membership - audio books for readers on the go, long car trips, or anyone that prefers listening to readingAmazon Echo - on sale for only $25 for a limited time only! Fire TV Stick - turn any TV into a smart TVOprah's favorite reading … Continue reading Last Minute Gifts With Amazon

Productivity Apps to Help You Ace Your Finals

If you've been following the blog since the beginning, you've probably noticed that I used to be all about studying tips and school. I've since expanded into more of a lifestyle blog, but I love to drop a quick post about productivity here and there. I've been using some of the same apps off and … Continue reading Productivity Apps to Help You Ace Your Finals

Using a Bullet Journal to Hold Yourself Accountable

I've written about my bullet journal several times on the blog. I use it to keep track of my busy schedule, write down all the things on my never ending to-do lists, and keep up with my school work. Bullet journals aren't just for school, but as a student that's what I utilize mine for … Continue reading Using a Bullet Journal to Hold Yourself Accountable

Gratitude Journaling This November

I try my best to journal at least once a week. This November, I decided to change gears a little bit and try to write down one good thing from each day. I tend to be a little negative at the end of the day. I'm tired and hungry, definitely overwhelmed by everything on my … Continue reading Gratitude Journaling This November

What’s on my Radar

Midterms are finally over, and I am officially braindead. Here I am studying for finals anyway. That's the major difference between law school and undergrad - I started preparing for finals before midterms were halfway through. I've been watching a lot of Amanda Rach Lee's Youtube videos. I'm preparing for my 2020 bullet journal by … Continue reading What’s on my Radar

How I Studied for my Law School Midterms

I thought that, upon leaving undergrad, midterms would be a thing of the past. Little did I know, October is a hell month no mater what level of school you're in. I found that my usual way of studying no longer worked as well for the upcoming tests, so I decided to change it up … Continue reading How I Studied for my Law School Midterms