Rainy Daze

20151109_151551 20151109_151602

I’m 90% sure that monsoon weather is in effect here on campus. Are all Georgia winters like this? Let’s hope not, because it’s only November and I’m not ready for the chilly rains to come!

Since I decided not to walk across campus to the library to study today (no one listed a canoe on any of those Ultimate College Packing Lists) I broke out my vibrant Stablio .88 neon pens. I own all five of the colors in the neon collection, yellow, pink, salmon, orange, and green. I use them in place of highlighters, mainly because I need something bright to catch my attention when I’m reviewing notes but not so bright that I’m momentarily blinded and have to put on my super cool emoji shades to read. So I resolved to compromise, and using these as fine point highlighters is a dream come true.


They’re the perfect way to break out of the rainy day blues and finish up all the psychology review I need to do for my exam tomorrow! Stabilo pens are some of my favorite because they’re profoundly lightweight, don’t bleed through my paper, and come in thirty colors all together. They can be pricey, but I think it’s worth it. Plus the hexagonal shape of the pen’s body keeps it from rolling off those awkwardly tilted school desks – you know, the one’s responsible for spilling your 8 a.m. coffee. Again.

20151109_151958 20151109_152050

Pens: Stabilo .88 Neon

Nail Polish: Essie Licorice with Matte Top Coat

xo Bailey

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