Boring Keeps You From Getting Fired

We’ve all heard the saying “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” but in most cases showing up at work dressed as Catwoman would probably get you fired. This keeps workers showing up in dress coded pencil skirts and the humdrum black blazer, but don’t you wish, even if just for a millisecond, you could whip out that costume of yours and parade around the office? How happy would that make you?

Now I’m not condoning wearing a Catwoman outfit to work every other day just because it makes you feel like you could jump out the window and scale a wall to stop a bank robbery (you can’t, please don’t try). What I’m saying is be true to yourself. But don’t get fired. That’s the fine line we all have to walk every single day. Some of us do it by wearing crazy socks to spite our boss’s dress code. Other’s write fanfictions that no one else will ever read. A few have blogs, or vision boards, or inspiration journals.

We all have something that makes us feel empowered, and sometimes that something is also the reason we look forward to the plethora of tomorrows we face.  

No one can play it totally safe for their entire life. No one’s bulletproof. But the way to feeling invincible (without needing a Catwoman suit to get there) is through making yourself the best version you can be. Be happy for who you are, and what you like, and all the dreams you have for yourself. Don’t let someone else’s dream become your own because someone tells you it’s “cooler” or “more realistic.” No. Your dreams are just as valid as theirs, but they’re even more special because they belong to you. Be dangerous. Be bold. Be creative. Be you. Boring keeps you from getting fired, but it also keeps you from being happy.

xo Bailey

One thought on “Boring Keeps You From Getting Fired

  1. Well what can I say… As a wearer of mostly black I can proudly say I haven’t been fired – ever! But the idea of wearing a costume isn’t liberating to me. Liberation comes to me as a pair of rocking sneakers! Woohoo! No stiff awkward shoes for work. True bliss comes from happy toes, arches and heels.


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