Make It or Break It – Thanksgiving Edition

Turkey Day is right around the corner, and so is Thanksgiving break for college kids! Whoopee I get to go home!

Sometimes actually all the time it’s hard to make it through that last week of classes before break begins. Here’s my top 5 list to surviving the wait.

  1. Finish all your homework early

This is by far my least favorite item on the list. I’d love to put off all my essays, flashcards, reading assignments, and projects for break. Can I put them off? Most definitely. Will they ever get done? Most definitely not. They will sit in my agenda folder until the Sunday before school starts back, and I won’t finish a single thing.  So try to finish all your assignments before break even begins, plus all the extra work means you won’t have time to think about how excited you are to get home!

2. Plan Out Your Break

This one sounds a little obsessive, but trust me, you don’t want to get home and discover you have five doctor’s appointments, extended family coming in for a visit, and zero time for friends. Making plans before break starts, and blocking out time for things that you know are already scheduled, leaves you tons of time for any of that homework you said you were going to finish (but didn’t) and relaxing.

3. Call Your Parents

If you haven’t called your  mom in the past week and are starting to miss home like crazy, give her a ring. She’ll most likely be ecstatic to hear from you (and you could ask her to cook your favorite meal with an almost guaranteed “yes” in response). Your dad is also probably excited you’re coming home. He might want to ask you about the football game you went to with your friends last week, or how your classes are going. I know it’s the typical “how’s college” question phrased a million different ways, but if you miss home, conversations like these are almost sure to tide you over until break starts.

4. Pack and Clean

So this my second least favorite thing about leaving for home. I don’t like cleaning my dorm room, and packing up all the things I need turns into mass chaos. Do I really need six pairs of boots for a seven day break? But it’s getting down to crunch time if you’ve already made it through steps one through three! So here’s the deal – just get this over with. And do it a day early. No one wants to leave in a rush because they forgot to wash their sheets and take out their trash or left their favorite pair of jeans in the drier.

5. Make a “Going Home” Playlist

Today’s the day! The sun is shining! You’re going home! *gasp* You’re going home!! I think the best way to pump up the excitement of today is by creating a playlist for the road trip back. You can do this while sipping your morning coffee, or between classes, or even on the walk from your dorm to your car (just not while driving, friends, let’s be safe, okay?). Go ahead and have a jam sesh all the way back, you won’t regret it.

So for all of you college kids going home over the holidays, drive safely! And don’t forget to enjoy your break – you deserve it!

xo Bailey

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