A Broke College Kid’s Guide to Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and my to-do list is getting wildly out of hand. Between exams, completing sorority service hours, psychology research projects, and papers I don’t have time for much else.


I tried to finish Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving break ended, but of course I had things come up and nothing really got done. So now I’m back at school trying to finish Christmas shopping without a car, or a mall, or even a remotely interesting shopping center. What am I supposed to do, buy everyone Kroger gift cards? No, I’ve come up with a better solution.

If you’re like me and either waited until the last minute or are completely broke, then have no fear – I have the answer.


Ornaments are a great Christmas gift! Not only are most of them inexpensive, but sometimes you can find them on sale with BOGO deals. Try to match the ornament to the receiver’s personality, or get one that matches the school they’re going to! Target has some great options, and so does Etsy.com. This is my favorite Etsy shop when it comes to ornaments!


The gift of music is also widely appreciated. I’ve made mixed CDs for my friends in the past and they’ve loved it!

Amazon is also fantastic for Christmas. If you’re in college, like me, Amazon will give you a free trial of Amazon Prime. This gives you free shipping, which is perfect for the holidays. Go ahead and buy all your presents on Amazon, they’ll be shipped to your dorm before finals end, giving you plenty of time for other things (like, ahem, studying).


Don’t forget that there’s always the option to make gifts! Mason jar cookie kits are great if you need presents for nine to ten people and, if you know how to knit, hats and scarves are perfect for this time of year.



But remember, the most important part about the holidays is being with those you love. It’s not about the presents under the tree but the presence of friends and family.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and good luck on exams!

xo Bailey

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