Everything gets hectic around this time of year. Between my birthday, my cousin’s birthday, family coming over, and the actual Christmas celebration itself, many of our holiday traditions have become lost over the years. Inadvertently, many more have been added.

When I was a wee little munchkin my mother would take my friend Andrea and I to “Bethlehem” (it was a church decorated like the city, complete with a stable, characters, and many crying babies and toddlers). That stopped when Andrea and her family moved away.

journey to bethlehem

It was replaced by a short acting career (my parents have never been able to keep me out of the spotlight haha) in nativities and church Christmas musicals. I starred as many a sheep and choir angel, watching in horror as Mary nearly dropped Jesus or one of the Wise Men forgot his costume at home. Needless to say, that tradition only lasted about as long as my mother could make me do it.

20151225_225907-1 (2)

When not acting in musicals my family hosted Christmas Eve parties for the entire family. My family is huge. I have about thirty five cousins all together, and I’m not entirely sure how many aunts, uncles, great aunts, etc. but all I know is that I still marvel at how all of us fit comfortably in the living room of my house. We fit comfortably enough that this is the only continued tradition I can remember, other than Santa coming of course!


Ho ho hope your holidays were merry and bright!

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