Top 10 Books I Read in 2015

As the year comes to an end I’ve started reflecting on everything that’s happened. With that, I’ve come to the conclusion that most of my memories come with the phrase “Oh I was reading – at the time!”

Here’s my “Top Ten” list of 2015:

  1. The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

While the rest of the list is in no particular order, this book was by far my favorite. It’ll bring you to tears, both through laughing and crying, and delivers a powerful story about motherhood and family. I’d even go so far to say this is a book every woman in her 20’s should read.

2. Paper Towns by John Green

Just a good young adult book. Quick and easy, keeps you entertained until the end. Definitely something to pick up if you’re looking for an adventure or if you loved the movie!

3. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou 

I read about Maya Angelou’s death in a news article a while back and decided to start reading this book over the summer. I initially thought the book was a “coming of age” story. The novel focuses on the hardships of life and the perseverance it takes to make it through. An emotional, heartfelt story that I didn’t know I needed at the time, and another one of those books you should read before you finish college.

4. It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini 

I adored this story. It’s definitely young adult literature, but it lends itself to being eye opening into the world of mental disorders and psychiatric health.

5. The Color Purple by Alice Walker

I probably went through an entire box of tissues while reading this story. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s written so well that you never want it to end. There are highs and lows and even some plateaus, and the whole way through I was routing for the main character to have her happily ever after.

6. Rabid by Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy

I’m a total sucker for historical books. This is a history of rabies, mainly centered in America and the United Kingdom. It brings up so many crazy stories and links to mythology that I never felt bored, as I sometimes do with these books.

7. An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

To tell you the truth, I only picked up this book because my middle name is Katherine. By the time I was through reading it I was pleasantly surprised! John Green has always been on my radar as an author to look out for when I need a new book, particularly a quick read to get me through AP exam week or spring break. As always, this book is a cute little teenage love story filled with quirky characters and quotable phrases!

8. A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry 

I normally don’t like reading plays, but this held my attention to the very end! What a story! Centered around the American Dream and its unobtainableness, this play is something I’d recommend all high school and college students go out and read.

9. American Psycho

The first hundred pages were boring as all getout, but after the main character loses his cool and starts becoming a serial killer the book gets interesting (as most stories would). If you’re a fan of American Horror Story or anything gorey/serial killer-esque this book is for you!

10. Going After Cacciato by Tim O’Brien

I’m about to sound very, very biased…I love Tim O’Brien, and I haven’t finished this book yet but it’s already just as phenomenal as “The Things We Carried” (which is one of my all time favorite books) so I decided it’d be fair to put it on the Top Ten list anyway. “Going After Cacciato” is about a squad in Vietnam when one of their members decides he’s going to walk 8,200 miles to Paris. Gut wrenching, heartbreaking, and raw – but also wonderfully, phenomenally written.


“Hamlet” by my main man Willy Shakes almost made the list, but I’m still upset over all my favorite characters’ deaths so I didn’t put it on there.

Happy New Year!

xo Bailey

Update: I finished “Going After Cacciato” and I loved it! Not as thrilling and emotional as O’Brien’s “The Things We Carried” (which I’d totally recommend to any adult/older teen who’s in need of a new book), but still a terrific novel!

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