Resolve Without Resolutions

Ah, the New Year’s resolution – the life changing, existential crisis reverting, youth repairing, year long fix to any of your on going problems! But really now…


When it comes down to it, a New Year’s resolution is very much like giving up something for Lent. It lasts about a month, usually ends with you going back to your old habits after a big celebration, and it happens once a year, with a Savior brought unto us reborn in the form of “Oh Christ, really?! It can’t have only been a week” and “Jesus I didn’t think it would be this hard!” Yes, the New Year’s resolution very seldom works, which is why I, the very very un-famous Bailey of the very very un-famous blog Bailey Studies Psych, am suggesting a slightly already suggested idea! Don’t have a resolution!

I’ve been doing this for a year or two now. My former resolutions all seemed to be along the lines of: get into shape, do better in school, work harder, be happier. I saw all these people on Intragram, Pinterest, and Tumblr living out extravagant lives and I felt I couldn’t match up unless I made myself better. If I managed to get a life like theirs I’d be happy. I spent the beginnings of many years fruitlessly attempting to live out the lives of people I wasn’t supposed to be. So I stopped making resolutions.


For 2016, as I did in 2015, 2014, and part of 2013, I have a very vague, shifting, obtainable-yet-slightly-out-of-reach goal for each and every day. I want to be a better me, for me. More or less, I wake up and think about how I can do something new today, or how I can be a more positive influence to those around me, with the knowledge that this is not because I’m unhappy with who I am, it’s because there’s so much to do, see, learn, and experience in this world and I need to put myself out there and do it. When you wake up with the mentality of “Wow! I’m an amazing human being who has all these crazy options of wonderful things to do this morning!” rolling out of bed at 7am doesn’t seem as daunting.

More often that not, we are our own biggest barriers. Jump the gate and sprint out onto the road, the universe is calling your name! Or, as my dad always says, “I don’t know Mr. Can’t, but I do know Mr. Can!”

xo Bailey

P.S. Thanks to all my wonderful readers who’ve kept me going through 2015! Best wishes for you all in the new year!

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