Holiday Hustle

The holidays are the most stressful, yet simultaneously wonderful, time of year for college students. With exams, papers, shopping, parties, and everything in between it feels like there's waaaaay too much going on to give back to the community. Last year I volunteered at a fair trade store in my hometown that helped to provide … Continue reading Holiday Hustle

Seven Steps to Finals Week Self Care

The most important thing to remember during finals isn't an equation or the function of the mitochondria - it's how to take care of yourself. Here's my go-to seven steps to taking care of myself during finals week: Exercise I know spending an hour at the gym isn't high on everyone's list of priorities during … Continue reading Seven Steps to Finals Week Self Care

A Broke College Kid’s Guide to Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and my to-do list is getting wildly out of hand. Between exams, completing sorority service hours, psychology research projects, and papers I don't have time for much else. I tried to finish Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving break ended, but of course I had things come up and nothing really … Continue reading A Broke College Kid’s Guide to Christmas