10 Thoughts Every Gen Chem Student Has

Most of us General Chemistry students never know what's going on in class, but the moment we do it's like we've conquered the world. Here's ten thoughts that go through every student's mind as they navigate their way through their university's introductory chemistry course: 1. When you take your first exam...   2. The teacher … Continue reading 10 Thoughts Every Gen Chem Student Has


I don't normally bring up politics, unless we're talking about Cornelius Fudge or Barty Crouch (Jr. or Sr.), but I'm actually in a state of awe with what's going on in America politically at the moment. As much as I'd love to make fun of Trump, I'm going to have to actually say something that … Continue reading Trump

Bop ‘Till You Drop -Study Time Remix

  If I don't have music for my day trip to the library, I might as well not go. I'm sure I can't be the only one! We all have our own study habits and mine happen to revolve around my studying playlists. For Creating Playlists: Soundcloud Spotify Pandora Youtube If you don't like listening … Continue reading Bop ‘Till You Drop -Study Time Remix

What’s on my Radar

I'm driving myself crazy taking on SIXTEEN hours of college courses this semester!!! But there are definitely things that make my days brighter and sometimes even (somewhat) stress-free! 1. Sarah Palin Endorsing Donald Trump You wouldn't think he'd really need anyone endorsing him after his father gave him that small loan of a million dollars … Continue reading What’s on my Radar

On the Death of Professor Snape

We all deal with loss differently. The universal truth behind it, though, is that once you lose something you know it's never coming back. With celebrities like Alan Rickman, otherwise known as Professor Snape, you can rewatch movies, plays, TV shows, interviews, what have you over and over and over again. It feels like they're … Continue reading On the Death of Professor Snape

Second Semester at UGA

Classes here at the University of Georgia are in full swing. I just finished my first two days in my second semester at college. Although I'm a little daunted by certain aspects of my spring courses I'm going to try my hardest to not let any of it phase me! That being said, here's some … Continue reading Second Semester at UGA