10 Thoughts Every Gen Chem Student Has

Most of us General Chemistry students never know what’s going on in class, but the moment we do it’s like we’ve conquered the world. Here’s ten thoughts that go through every student’s mind as they navigate their way through their university’s introductory chemistry course:

1. When you take your first exam…



2. The teacher gives you a quiz and over half the class fails


3. You get the math right but the sig figs wrong


4. The chemistry joke was the highlight of the lecture


5. You answer a question correctly in class


6. You make an unknown goo in lab


7. You study for a week and go into your next exam like


8. You just try not to think about your grade


9. You contemplate dropping out…on a daily basis


10. The final is coming and you’re S.O.L. but still hoping your professor will curve your grade



I don’t normally bring up politics, unless we’re talking about Cornelius Fudge or Barty Crouch (Jr. or Sr.), but I’m actually in a state of awe with what’s going on in America politically at the moment.

As much as I’d love to make fun of Trump, I’m going to have to actually say something that I very, very much regret: he’s winning the Republican vote. I can’t believe it. Every time I hear anything about him I’m reminded of the novel American Psycho and how the main character, who was a psychotic serial killer, loved and trusted everything Trump did (in the fictional world of American Psycho 1980’s New York). That’s a scary thought for me, especially because today, in the very much non-fictional world of 2016 New York, and the rest of America, people are still loving and trusting the things he does. Shouldn’t we be at least a little bit concerned for the future of everything we hold dear if Trump should become President?

An abridged list of grievances for Mr. Donald Trump:

  • wants to make Muslims wear identification badges (which should sound very familiar to anyone who knows anything about the Holocaust)
  • is against women’s rights
  • reportedly raped his ex-wife
  • wants to force Mexico to pay for a wall to be built on the Mexico-USA border
  • Tweeted that the sexual assault of women when they joined the military should be totally expected
  • made a sweeping generalization about illegal immigrants, stating that they were bringing drugs into the country, bring crime into the country, and were rapists
  • using his “great relationship with blacks” as a get out of jail free card

Also, he vaguely reminds me of Homer Simpson’s pet pig… spider-pig-the-simpsons-pets-643657_432_346






I’d love to be light and joke about the matter and make everyone laugh but I’m afraid that Trump is about to win the Republican nomination. To say I’m not thrilled about the upcoming election is an understatement.  So there you have it, my unabashed political views on Donald Trump. Now if only he would grant me a small loan of a million dollars so I could pay off my tuition fees…

xo Bailey

Bop ‘Till You Drop -Study Time Remix


If I don’t have music for my day trip to the library, I might as well not go. I’m sure I can’t be the only one! We all have our own study habits and mine happen to revolve around my studying playlists.


For Creating Playlists:

  • Soundcloud
  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • Youtube

If you don’t like listening to music with words when you study:

  • nature sounds
  • classical
  • soundtracks (I’d suggest film scores by Hans Zimmer)
  • white noise apps like White Noise or White Noise Free

My favorite music channels for getting through rough spots:

  • 5SOS on Pandora (I’m addicted to boy bands, I know)
  • tune collective’s Best of 2015 Hip Hop playlist on soundcloud
  • The Weekend on Pandora
  • The Piano Guys

This gif totally sums up how I feel when I hear my favorite song from 1202904 years ago:


What are your favorite songs/artists/playlists to listen to while studying?

xo Bailey

What’s on my Radar

I’m driving myself crazy taking on SIXTEEN hours of college courses this semester!!! But there are definitely things that make my days brighter and sometimes even (somewhat) stress-free!

1. Sarah Palin Endorsing Donald Trump


You wouldn’t think he’d really need anyone endorsing him after his father gave him that small loan of a million dollars those many years ago, but it still happened. Why is this so exciting for me? Because it means more Tina Fey on SNL. Can I get a hallelujah?


2. Cartoon-izing My Friends

I’m not a great artist, but I love doing this! It shows me which traits really stick out the most about my besties, and it brightens their days so much when I give them their caricatures! Wanna grab a pen and start sketching? Just make a list of everything that first comes to mind about your friend, pull up a picture of them on Facebook or Instagram (unless you’re going to be around them for a while and can sketch them in person), and pull up a cartoon person off the internet for inspiration! I always have trouble with facial expressions, so I leave that for last and Google image search for a while until I can compile something that I think works.

Paige Cartoon
This is my roommate all bundled up for the snow!
Coach Cartoon
A girl from my PE class was really sweet to me this week, so I drew her in to my bullet journal

3. furrylittlepeach



This is a phenomenal artist with an Instagram documenting her works in progress, life, and all her adventures! Not only am I in love with all her art (which you can buy on her etsy site) but I absolutely adore every single photo she posts! Can I have her life please?

4. Snoop Dogg Narrating

This is a blessing of a different kind. I found it while completely sleep deprived and actually cried, fell out of a chair, and rolled onto the floor while laughing. My favorite video is linked right here – it’s Snoop narrating otters being attacked by a crocodile. It doesn’t sound funny, but oh boy will it surprise you!


5. The Man in the High Castle

Okay, let me give you a bit of a heads up before ranting about the utter perfectionmv5bmjewntgxodcyov5bml5banbnxkftztgwmzi5oduynze-_v1_sx640_sy720_ of this show – it’s only on Amazon Prime and there’s only one season out. The Man in the High Castle is a television show based in 1960’s America. After the Nazi’s won World War II the United States was split into three sections: the Pacific Zone (controlled by the Japanese), the Neutral Zone (controlled by no one), and the Greater Reich (controlled by the Germans). A group of rebels are fighting the Nazis in order to win back their, and all the Allied powers, freedom. A group of films created by a man called the Man in the High Castle is the rebel group’s ticket to defeating the Nazi’s, and season one is all about the getting the films to the right person, which is a problem because Hitler is just as obsessed with them as the rebel forces. This show is binge worthy and absolutely made for history geeks like myself! I watched the entire season in two days and am still waiting on the edge of my seat for season two!

On the Death of Professor Snape


We all deal with loss differently. The universal truth behind it, though, is that once you lose something you know it’s never coming back. With celebrities like Alan Rickman, otherwise known as Professor Snape, you can rewatch movies, plays, TV shows, interviews, what have you over and over and over again. It feels like they’re still there. That is, until another tabloid pops up in the check-out isle of the grocery store months later promising “the real truth” behind his death.

Death is a funny thing with celebrities. We’re allowed to feel so close to them because of social networking and the media, but in fact we’re very, very far away from their world. When Alan died it reminded me of how I handled Snape’s death. I didn’t like what was happening in the book so I reread previous chapters when he was alive, replaying everything up until his mortality caught up with him. You can do that with actors because they’re preserved on the big screen with movies and television, and now on Netflix and Youtube. It’s a horcrux of sorts, if you will. As long as you keep replaying the movies you get to keep watching them live.

Because we, the in-famous folk, aren’t living in a world where we interact with celebrities on a day to day basis, accepting the finality of death isn’t as hard. We don’t have to stare it in the face and watch it take the professor we love. Instead, we have the opportunity to reread all the other chapters in the story until we’re ready to greet Death as an old friend and accept finality. Not finality for us, of course, but the understanding that Alan won’t be making or playing in any new movies, or going to premiers, or being  a part in a ten year Harry Potter reunion.

‘Besides,’ said Sirius, ‘the ones that love us never really leave us. You can always find them…[puts hand over Harry’s heart] in here.’

This an article on the last project Alan Rickman worked on before he passed.

What are your favorite roles Alan Rickman played over the course of his life?

Silver Linings

Things aren’t always great. I’m sure you’ve figured this out by now. This week has been rocky for me. I started back to school with a bad mind set because of lack of communication between my chemistry professor and I, rolled my ankle in gym, passed out in front of my entire class, had two massive panic attacks, got behind in my classes, and two of my favorite people died. Not my worst week ever, but it was pretty darn rotten.

In middle school and high school I’d get so wrapped up in all the bad things that happened to me that I’d make this giant list of all the terrible things I’d gone through. It’d range for months, and I wouldn’t have the heart to let it go. I didn’t realize how bad it’d gotten until I found myself upset and complaining about something that’d happened over a year ago, but I was acting like it’d happened yesterday.

Since then I’ve tried to be more uplifting about my life. Sure I have bad days, or bad weeks, but instead of only listing off all the bad (like I did up there in my first paragraph) I make a short list of all the things I’m upset about, so I can get them off my chest, and put a huge BUT at the end, and then proceed to list off all the good things I’ve encountered. I try to list off as many good things as bad, but usually end up with more blessings. For instance, this past week I started back to school with a bad mind set because of lack of communication between my chemistry professor and I, rolled my ankle in gym, passed out in front of my entire class, had two massive panic attacks, got behind in my classes, and two of my favorite people died, BUT a girl in my psych class is going to be training a baby guide dog poodle and she’s bringing it to class with her, my boyfriend and I discovered an amazing new television series, my mom sent me pictures of my cat, it finally stopped raining in Athens, one of the UGA football coaches brought his kids onto campus this weekend and they’re the most adorable kiddos ever, and I get the day off today.

Take on negative and replace it with a positive each day. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

xo Bailey569191abe564e0852c64057fd343ec38


Second Semester at UGA

Classes here at the University of Georgia are in full swing. I just finished my first two days in my second semester at college. Although I’m a little daunted by certain aspects of my spring courses I’m going to try my hardest to not let any of it phase me! That being said, here’s some little tidbits I’ve learned about life in these past few days:

1. You may think you don’t have as many friends as you do

I came back to school thinking I didn’t have any close friends. I didn’t know who I was going to swap secrets with or talk about with all my problems. The day before classes started I ended up in the main dining hall with a few friends before almost every single friend I’d made in college showed up and sat together around two tables. After dinner we watched the Golden Globes and exchanged belated surprise Christmas gifts. People say you find your “forever friends” in college, and I think this group of guys and gals is it.

2. Amazon won’t let you rent your textbooks if your card expires the month they’re due

It’s a stupid rule and I hate it. End of story.

3. Mom and Dad are always right there

I knew this but didn’t take advantage of it last semester. I call my mom a lot more now (it’s only been two days but I’ve actually called her, okay?) and my dad and I keep in touch by emailing each other links to super nerdy things we find on the internet. It’s our little way of saying “I’m thinking about you.”

4. Access Codes…I’m paying to be able to do my homework

Seriously, I had to pay for an access code to be able to get onto a website in order to do my homework so I can pass a class I’m already paying for with my tuition and fees. This wasn’t a problem ten years ago and people still graduated college?! Let me turn in my homework on paper, or better yet – have a universal homework website that you pay for ONCE in four years of school. Please and thank you!

5. Rate. My. Professor.

God bless America for this little gem. I used it to find both my history and my American government professors and they’re wonderful!

6. Down Week (AKA Drop/Add)

This week is typically super chill so I’d recommend getting ahead in the classes you think are going to be the hardest so when two or three weeks from now you’re ready to give up because you have four exams in two days you have a parachute waiting to catch you (and you won’t stay up until 5am reading textbooks while stress-crying).

7. Retakes aren’t the end of the world

I’m retaking General Chemistry 1211 this semester because I dropped it last fall. I thought everything would be the same but the chemistry department changed the textbook, materials, and teachers. I was a mess when I figured this out. I thought about changing my major to something that didn’t require Gen. Chem. But, upon going to class today, I realized that at least five people from my last chemistry class were retaking this one with me. Intro classes are weed out classes. They’re supposed to be hard. Keep pushing, make friends with the people around you, get a tutor, and do all the practice problems. Don’t tell yourself you’re going to fail because then you’ll actually start to think you’re going to fail. You’ll get there. I’ll get there. Hard work and perseverance are the keys to success!


I hope everyone’s new semester is going well! Good luck on school, you’ll do great – I know it!

xo Bailey

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Read “American Gods” if You Liked…

The Percy Jackson series!

American Gods by Neil Gaiman is a novel set in modern day America. It’s about a recently released convict named Shadow who’s hired by a god to be his bodyguard. The story takes many twists and turns as the dead rise back to life, new gods battle old gods, and a storm unlike any other brews in the West.

“Gaiman — who is best known as the creator of the respected DC Comics ‘Sandman’ series — has a deft hand with the mythologies he tinkers with here; even better, he’s a fine, droll storyteller.” -Kera Bolonik, NY Times Books in Brief: Fiction and Poetry

Unlike Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series, Gaiman’s novel pulls from the histories of gods all over the world rather than solely Greek culture. Norse, Egyptian, and Hindu gods play a major part in Shadow’s journey across America, as well as the gods of television, video games, and other twenty first century innovations. It’s thrilling, captivating, and thought provoking.

American Gods delves deeper into the past of the United States. “Nobody’s American…at least not originally,” says Gaiman, on the basis of his novel. The story line is geared towards adults, with sex scenes, violence, and vulgar language, but is more of a cultural discussion than a story of good versus evil, which is what Riordan was going for with the children’s series starring Percy Jackson.

xo Bailey

Read This if You Liked…

I hate it when I finish a good book and don’t know what to read next, don’t you? Because of that I decided to start a monthly series called “Read This if You Liked…” Essentially, I’ll be writing short book reviews on novels I’ve read that are very similar to popular books or book series from years past (such as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Redwall). You can expect the first post to come out later this week. Hope y’all enjoy!
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xo Bailey

Pre-Calculus, AKA Demon Triangles

math4 (2)

If I could only give you one piece of advice going into Freshman year of college it would be this: for the love of everything sacred, test out of Pre-Calculus. I didn’t do this. How much did I regret that decision? Every. Single. Day.

For those of you that’ve taken high school precal and calc and did well, you might think this is a walk in the park. I, too, thought that. It is not. Precal turned out to be the hardest, most infuriating class I’d ever taken. Here’s why:

  • TA’s and grad students teach instead of an actual professor
  • If you’re at a big university your class will be upwards of 50 people
  • You’re expected to know things like the volume of a cone, tetrahedron, and how to calculate circumference (but they probably won’t tell you you need to know this until you’re taking the first test)
  • Each teacher is different, but none of them make the exams
  • To follow that point, they’re not even allowed to see the exam
  • At most schools, if you fail this class while taking a co-requisite you won’t get the credits for the co-requisite after the class ends

I made it out of that death trap class, and here I am to help you (if you didn’t test out).

1. Color Coding

Get yourself some highlighters and sticky notes because we’re about to get serious! Designate one highlighter for any equations in the notes your teacher/textbook gives you. When doing practice problems, take home quizzes, or worksheets have one stick note (I prefer the smaller sized ones) you write questions on, such as “Why did I need to multiply instead of divide?” or “I don’t know how to get from point A to point B,” and another sticky note for problems you missed with any problems or questions that arose as you did your work. That way, when you go in for office hours, you know which problems you struggled with and which of those are top priority “I need to understand this now because my test is tomorrow” kind of questions.

2. Go to Class


3. Office Hours are Your BFF

Your teacher wants you to succeed. Go talk to them and figure out where the disconnect is. Sometimes, if they see you’re really trying, they’ll bump up your final grade a little bit.


Do them. ALL of them. It’s a lot of work but nine times out of ten your test will be reworded practice problems.

5. Assigned Homework Problems Before Take Home Quizzes

This is a little bit of a no-brainer. Finish all your assigned work before starting in on the quiz. Again, you’ll probably see a few reworded problems and this time you’ll be able to look back through your notes to double check your work.

6. Organize Your Notes


Use a new page for each class and title it with the date and lecture’s subject matter. Banners and tags help too, as well as marking where each new test section begins and ends. This way you can quickly go back through your notes to find whatever you need when studying for your final.

7. Table of Contents

I was super unmotivated at the beginning of this year so my math binder doesn’t have a table of contents. I wish I’d created one just so I could quickly pull up equations or step-by-step problems when studying for my final.

8. Flashcards

Flashcards are a godsend, let me tell ya. Making them long hIMG_0610.JPGand forces you to rewrite the most important parts of your notes and at the end of the semester you have a study guide, complete with which set of cards go to which test section and answers to every equation, formula, definition, and diagram.

xo Bailey