Seven Things to Help You “Spring” into Next Semester

Spring semester can be rough. With fewer long weekends and breaks, less chances of being able to go home, and the lag of winter break setting in spring semester can bring a different set of difficulties onto the playing field. Before you pack your bags and hug your family goodbye, consider doing the following things to set an optimistic tone for the upcoming months.

1. Set Up a Planner



Whether it’s a bullet journal, Erin Condren Life Planner, or something you picked up from Target’s dollar section, keeping track of your schedule is important. Writing it all down keeps you in control and organized, not to mention the act of writing events down in long hand boosts your ability to remember them.

2. Refill Medications

Need I say more?

3. Schedule

Try to figure out what classes you’re for sure taking and which ones you’re going to drop or add. Knowing things beforehand makes the frustrating process of solidifying your schedule less…well…frustrating.

4. Walk Your Class Route

53430932 (1)



Don’t wait until the first day of class to realize you need twenty minutes to walk to a history class that starts ten minutes after your chemistry lab ends.

5. Come Prepared

Pencils, pens, paper, binders. No one likes to hit up Target on the first Monday of school.

6. Study, Study, Study

Do your pre-class assignments before classes begin, you’ll thank yourself for it.

7. Plan Your Tutoring Sessions

Know that you’re going to need a little help in General Chemistry 1211? Sign up for a tutor before the class starts. That way you’ll be able to organize your schedule around it and make it a priority, rather than having to work it into an already existing routine.

good luck spring

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