I don’t normally bring up politics, unless we’re talking about Cornelius Fudge or Barty Crouch (Jr. or Sr.), but I’m actually in a state of awe with what’s going on in America politically at the moment.

As much as I’d love to make fun of Trump, I’m going to have to actually say something that I very, very much regret: he’s winning the Republican vote. I can’t believe it. Every time I hear anything about him I’m reminded of the novel American Psycho and how the main character, who was a psychotic serial killer, loved and trusted everything Trump did (in the fictional world of American Psycho 1980’s New York). That’s a scary thought for me, especially because today, in the very much non-fictional world of 2016 New York, and the rest of America, people are still loving and trusting the things he does. Shouldn’t we be at least a little bit concerned for the future of everything we hold dear if Trump should become President?

An abridged list of grievances for Mr. Donald Trump:

  • wants to make Muslims wear identification badges (which should sound very familiar to anyone who knows anything about the Holocaust)
  • is against women’s rights
  • reportedly raped his ex-wife
  • wants to force Mexico to pay for a wall to be built on the Mexico-USA border
  • Tweeted that the sexual assault of women when they joined the military should be totally expected
  • made a sweeping generalization about illegal immigrants, stating that they were bringing drugs into the country, bring crime into the country, and were rapists
  • using his “great relationship with blacks” as a get out of jail free card

Also, he vaguely reminds me of Homer Simpson’s pet pig… spider-pig-the-simpsons-pets-643657_432_346






I’d love to be light and joke about the matter and make everyone laugh but I’m afraid that Trump is about to win the Republican nomination. To say I’m not thrilled about the upcoming election is an understatement.  So there you have it, my unabashed political views on Donald Trump. Now if only he would grant me a small loan of a million dollars so I could pay off my tuition fees…

xo Bailey

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