10 Thoughts Every Gen Chem Student Has

Most of us General Chemistry students never know what’s going on in class, but the moment we do it’s like we’ve conquered the world. Here’s ten thoughts that go through every student’s mind as they navigate their way through their university’s introductory chemistry course:

1. When you take your first exam…



2. The teacher gives you a quiz and over half the class fails


3. You get the math right but the sig figs wrong


4. The chemistry joke was the highlight of the lecture


5. You answer a question correctly in class


6. You make an unknown goo in lab


7. You study for a week and go into your next exam like


8. You just try not to think about your grade


9. You contemplate dropping out…on a daily basis


10. The final is coming and you’re S.O.L. but still hoping your professor will curve your grade


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