Playlist for the Week

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about rainy days that make me need acoustic music in my life. Here are my top picks (but let’s be honest, I don’t think anybody can have too much Ed Sheeran in their life. Ever.)

acoustic playlist

Read This if You Liked…

It’s almost the end of February, which means it’s time for another “Read This if You Liked…” post!

I’m a die-hard Harry Potter fan. My college classes having nothing on Professor Flitwick’s Charms class, my squad is the marauders (minus the turning into animals part), and I’d totally go to Hogwarts if they accepted FAFSA. So when I stumbled across the Charlie Bone series, also called Children of the Red King, I was surprised to note all the similarities…could this really be the next Harry Potter?

Maybe. Charlie is a orphan (like Harry), with special powers (like Harry), who gets a strange invitation to a special school (like Harry) so he can learn in an environment that’s best for “talented” children like himself (starting to sound familiar yet?). But, of course, that’s not the end of the tale. Powerful people start to take over the school, and the balance between good and evil is broken. It’s up to Charlie and his new friends to save the day. Here’s the only catch – they’re not wizards. I mean, there’s also a feathered invisible python but the bigger catch is the wizard part.

So if you liked the Harry Potter series give the Children of the Red King a go, you might just fall in love!


Ten Things Only People Living in Freshman Dorms Will Understand



Ah the freshman dorm…the newbie residence of choice. Whether you were forced by your university to live in the dorms or you did this of your own free will, you’ll know there are a few unmistakable hallmarks of this type of living arrangement. From the wild parties to the bonding time your hallmates and you had complaining about the terrible wifi, you’ll only understand how real the struggle was if you lived in a freshman dorm.


1. Turning on three showers to get the hot water to turn on…


2. That *one* person

You know who I’m talking about. You hear them making promiscuous sounds at 2 am. Every week night.


3. The laundry room has no chill

If you’re one second late taking your clothes from the dryer I will dump your clothes on the ground.

4. The casual elevator drunktumblr_n8q1zvsaat1tbh1dho1_400

Typically a he, usually partied too hard that night and tried to find his way back to his dorm alone, only now he doesn’t know what floor he lives on…we all feel a strange sort of envy for this guy. He’s gonna have some great stories to tell ten years down the road.

5. Central heating attempting to turn the dorms into Central America

Could we maybe turn it down to…I don’t know…something other than 85 degrees? Thanks.

6. So help me if anybody burns their popcorn at 1 am ever again


7. Dorm parties are great until someone gets hurt

Or, ya know, falls out of a 9th floor window. Ouch.

(it happened at my school, read the article here)

8. “We have excellent wifi on campus!” except the freshman dorms apparently

Thanks, Paws-Secure 1, 2, AND 3, for disconnecting during online tests, dropping during crucial essay writing moments, and never being there for me whenever Netflix was my top priority.

9. If you give a mouse a cookie…

if_you_give_a_mouse_cookie if you give roommate

10. “These are the best years of your life!”

Yes, through crappy dorms, scary advanced classes, and a few rocky starts these years will shape up to be some of the best. So even though your shower might not have hot water or you had to stand out in the snow during the wee hours of the morning due to burnt popcorn and a fire alarm, you’ll get through these last few months so quickly and wish for them back – just so you can do it all over again!

xo Bailey

A Playlist for the Week

Did anyone else have that pop punk phase in junior high that they never truly left behind? Because every time I hear the beginning to I Writes Sins Not Tragedies or Welcome to the Black Parade my ears perk up faster than you can say Jack Barakat! And don’t even mention My Chemical Romance breaking up…that was just a dark, dark time for all of us.

So here’s my playlist for the week, based off all the songs (that I still love) from my “my parents thought I was a goth, but I really just liked black eyeliner” phase. And then two newer songs from All Time Low’s and Sleeping With Sirens’ new albums (that I bought immediately, because who doesn’t love reliving the glory days?)

pop punk playlist

xo Bailey

A Playlist for the Week

My freshman year of college is almost over! Can you believe that?! It’s making me feel so very old. Many of my friends and sorority sisters are getting proposed to, and some of my older friends have even gotten married. I’m starting to feel like an adult…yikes!

So, in honor of my impending adulthood and my waning childhood, here’s a Disney playlist to get your week started on the right foot. You’re never too old (or too young) for some classic Disney songs!

Disney Playlist

xo Bailey

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

It’s almost upon us! The worldwide day of love!

And just in case you’re freaking out because you’ve no idea what to get that special girl in your life, don’t fret! These gifts are *almost* as easy as buying a box of chocolates the day of (but way more impressive).

vday for her

Tiffany and Co. Heart Earrings Really any earrings will work…I just really like these as an extra special gift. Some girls don’t like jewelry at all, and some people are allergic to nickle (which is a main component of many earring posts) so be careful when picking these out!

Costco Giant Bear These are outrageously expensive, but getting a giant bear (or really, any kind of bear) has been on many of my friends’ Valentine’s Day wish lists.

Coordinates Necklace I love these! I think they’re perfect if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time and have a special place, like the place you met or the place you hang out all the time, that you want to commemorate. It’d be an especially great gift for long distance couples and can even be incorporated into a couples gift by giving the partner a matching key chain!

Harry Potter Mugs Matching couple mugs have been on Pinterest for what feels like forever now. I think they’re adorable, and they’re so easy to make! Here’s a great website on how to make a Sharpie mug, but if you aren’t artistic that’s okay – you can still buy the mugs off ebay, Amazon, Etsy, and the like!

LUSH I feel like LUSH has become somewhat of a cult craze over the past few months, but their products are to die for so I’m totally okay with it! Anything from LUSH (or Sephora, for that matter) is fair game on Valentine’s Day, especially with the Valentine’s line created just for the holiday!

xo Bailey

P.S. What’s everyone’s thoughts on sentimental vs. cheesy vs. expensive gifts for V-Day?

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

It’s crunch time! Valentine’s Day is less than a week away!

Still don’t know what to get your bae? Check this out for a few nifty suggestions!

vday for him

Build-a-Bear Create a Build-a-Bear and dress it up just like you, record your voice, and boom! The perfect sentimental V-day gift!

Eno Is your guy outdoorsy? Get him an eno, and when the weather’s warm plan for a fun day hike so ya’ll can test it out!

Beer Bottle USA Map For the adventurous beer-snob, or just the guy that likes beer. He’ll think it’s cool regardless.

The Weeknd Shirt Rolling Stones Shirt Shirts and hoodies are also good options if you just don’t know what else to do. Mix tapes (or mix CDs I guess is what they’re called now) and t shirts of your guy’s fave band can almost never fail, just don’t get the wrong size!




A Playlist for the Week

Valentine’s Day is Sunday, so I’ve corralled some of my favorite love songs into on playlist. Enjoy! And don’t forget to go buy half off chocolate at midnight Sunday!

valentines day playlist

xo Bailey

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate World Nutella Day

If none of your favorite social media accounts have told you yet – today is World Nutella Day! So grab your favorite spoon and a brand new jar of hazelnut-chocolatey goodness!

Here are my top five ways to spend today – not that anyone need’s directions on how to eat their Nutella, of course. Think of these more as suggestions I highly recommend you follow, if only for the sake of your taste buds.

1. The “I’m Going to Spoon This Directly Into My Mouth” Recipe

By far the easiest of them all. Takes about 2 minutes of preparation, only because you need to walk to your cupboard, take out the Nutella, go find a spoon, put on a good TV show, and open the jar. Definitely would recommend this to any of the lazy chefs out there (you’re in the same boat as me, don’t worry).

2. Nutella Churro Donut Holes

Also known as deep fried heaven. As Shia Lebouf would say, just do it.


Find them at Cafe Delight

3. Nutella Stuffed Sugar Cookies

There’s an art to making the perfect cookie, and this is it.


Find the recipe at Homemade Hooplah




4. Grilled Nutella and Marshmallow Sandwiches

As Melissa Harrison, author of the Buzzfeed article this recipe comes fromenhanced-17246-1422818356-1, says, this creation is the love child of s’mores and grilled cheese.

Not a big fan of marshmallows? Nor am I, and that’s okay! This recipe works perfectly with bananas instead!


5. Nutella Frosting

Diet? What diet?…Now you can put your Nutella on everything. My favorite Nutella frostings are whipped and buttercream! But why not just have both?



The whipped frosting recipe is from and the buttercream frosting is from





What recipe are you making for World Nutella Day?

xo Bailey

A Playlist for Mondays

Kicking off the week with an over the top pop playlist full of my favorite boy bands!

Boy Bands Playlist


Who is your favorite boy band?

xo Bailey