Top 5 Ways to Celebrate World Nutella Day

If none of your favorite social media accounts have told you yet – today is World Nutella Day! So grab your favorite spoon and a brand new jar of hazelnut-chocolatey goodness!

Here are my top five ways to spend today – not that anyone need’s directions on how to eat their Nutella, of course. Think of these more as suggestions I highly recommend you follow, if only for the sake of your taste buds.

1. The “I’m Going to Spoon This Directly Into My Mouth” Recipe

By far the easiest of them all. Takes about 2 minutes of preparation, only because you need to walk to your cupboard, take out the Nutella, go find a spoon, put on a good TV show, and open the jar. Definitely would recommend this to any of the lazy chefs out there (you’re in the same boat as me, don’t worry).

2. Nutella Churro Donut Holes

Also known as deep fried heaven. As Shia Lebouf would say, just do it.


Find them at Cafe Delight

3. Nutella Stuffed Sugar Cookies

There’s an art to making the perfect cookie, and this is it.


Find the recipe at Homemade Hooplah




4. Grilled Nutella and Marshmallow Sandwiches

As Melissa Harrison, author of the Buzzfeed article this recipe comes fromenhanced-17246-1422818356-1, says, this creation is the love child of s’mores and grilled cheese.

Not a big fan of marshmallows? Nor am I, and that’s okay! This recipe works perfectly with bananas instead!


5. Nutella Frosting

Diet? What diet?…Now you can put your Nutella on everything. My favorite Nutella frostings are whipped and buttercream! But why not just have both?



The whipped frosting recipe is from and the buttercream frosting is from





What recipe are you making for World Nutella Day?

xo Bailey

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