Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

It’s crunch time! Valentine’s Day is less than a week away!

Still don’t know what to get your bae? Check this out for a few nifty suggestions!

vday for him

Build-a-Bear Create a Build-a-Bear and dress it up just like you, record your voice, and boom! The perfect sentimental V-day gift!

Eno Is your guy outdoorsy? Get him an eno, and when the weather’s warm plan for a fun day hike so ya’ll can test it out!

Beer Bottle USA Map For the adventurous beer-snob, or just the guy that likes beer. He’ll think it’s cool regardless.

The Weeknd Shirt Rolling Stones Shirt Shirts and hoodies are also good options if you just don’t know what else to do. Mix tapes (or mix CDs I guess is what they’re called now) and t shirts of your guy’s fave band can almost never fail, just don’t get the wrong size!




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