Happy Easter!

In the wake of all the festivities my mom and I found a crazy new way to dye eggs (courtesy of Martha Stuart Magazine). Grab some Mason jars (or any deep, wide mouthed cup), food dye, vinegar, and dried goods like beans, quinoa, and lentils! Fill your containers about a fourth of the way full … Continue reading Happy Easter!

A Playlist for the Week

Instead of a playlist this week I'm just going to rant about Hamilton. Has anyone out there listened to the whole thing, all three hours, in one sitting? Am I the only one? Well let me tell you, it's beautiful. Not even just that, it's glorious. It has: beat boxing rap battles swelling classical ensembles … Continue reading A Playlist for the Week

Everything You Didn’t Know About Easter

From zombie Jesus to monster-sized bunnies breaking into our houses delivering food to our unsuspecting children, Easter is a time of joy for all. No really, I love Easter. My favorite tradition is making Pysanka Easter eggs with my church group. My other favorite thing about Easter is all the wacky facts surrounding the holiday. … Continue reading Everything You Didn’t Know About Easter

A Playlist for the Week

Wow has this weekend been crazy! I really didn't think I had a lot to do but apparently I was wrong. Very, very wrong. With two exams and a quiz coming up this week (not to mention the holiday this coming Sunday) things are about to get that much more insane! So here's my playlist … Continue reading A Playlist for the Week

Read This if You Liked…

The City of Ember! Does anyone else remember the movie that came out about five years ago? Wasn't much of a hit. But I clearly remember the book floating through my elementary school classrooms, being passed off from one curious child to the next. I even had to be put on a wait list at … Continue reading Read This if You Liked…

Playlist for the Week

Spring break is over and I'm back at the great old University of Georgia. That being said, it goes almost without saying that I made a playlist for the drive from home number one in Asheville to home number two here in Athens. I kept circling back to the Brad Paisley homecoming concert I went … Continue reading Playlist for the Week

The Ultimate Preppy Sticker Post

If you know me then you're probably aware that I cover everything in stickers. Even my backpack has patches from places I've visited. Not only do stickers liven up a plain old water bottle or laptop case, they can be conversation starters! For instance, I'm obsessed with Vineyard Vines and put their whale stickers on … Continue reading The Ultimate Preppy Sticker Post

Playlist for the Week

Seeing flowers pop up all over campus and walking bast blossoming trees on my way to class really puts me in the mood for upbeat, happy go lucky music. When the world is full of life I want my tunes to be full of life too. It seems logical, right? Right. Glad we can agree! … Continue reading Playlist for the Week