A Playlist for the Week

Instead of a playlist this week I’m just going to rant about Hamilton.

Has anyone out there listened to the whole thing, all three hours, in one sitting? Am I the only one?

Well let me tell you, it’s beautiful. Not even just that, it’s glorious. It has:

  • beat boxing
  • rap battles
  • swelling classical ensembles
  • piano jams
  • and so much more

Has anyone fact checked this? Everything I know about US history and everything I’ve picked out of this musical genius soundtrack is accurate. Factually correct. And rhymes. Who couldn’t love rap battles between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson? Maybe it’s the history nerd in me but I’m head over heels for this soundtrack and dearly disappointed that I didn’t take the chance to listen to it when it first debuted.


What are your thoughts?

xo Bailey

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