A Pioneer or a Prince?

How about both. I distinctly remember car rides with my mom playing Raspberry Beret. When I got an iPod touch in eighth grade, Little Red Corvette was one of the first songs on there. Last Friday afternoon I walked into history class and stopped short at the sound of Cream playing through the Miller Learning … Continue reading A Pioneer or a Prince?

How to Amazon

What do we even call people who are as addicted to Amazon as the new age college student? Amazonians? Amazoniacs? Nerds? Regardless of name, they're doing something right. They're hunting for bargains - and finding them. If the internet were a family, Etsy would be the entrepreneur child, you know, the kid with the lemonade … Continue reading How to Amazon

A Playlist for the Week

Hello all! So sorry my posting has been infrequent at best, I've been under the weather recently. Finals, spring allergies, and the rounding up of the semester (i.e. projects, papers, and mas chaos) has killed everyone's immune systems. No body even bothers to shush the coughing student in the library anymore. Which brings me right … Continue reading A Playlist for the Week

What’s on My Radar

Hello again! What's everyone up to this week? I've been slammed with tests, papers, and basically every college event known to man kind! The rest of humanity seems to be busy as a bee too. If you haven't been keeping up with your tweets, FBs, or instas, I have ya covered, right here in this … Continue reading What’s on My Radar

A Playlist for the Week

My boyfriend invited me to the University of Georgia Honor's College dance last Thursday night. We danced to throwbacks like White and Nerdy and Hips Don't Lie until we were both sweaty messes (gross, I know). Needless to say, this week's playlist is inspired by last Thursday's shenanigans. Enjoy! xo Bailey P.S. What are your … Continue reading A Playlist for the Week