What NOT to Wear During Rush

Sorority Rush is one of the best weeks out of freshman year! So many dresses, so many houses, so many songs! And all the Pinterest boards and fashion blogs telling you what to wear. During my rush week I made about a million mistakes because nobody told me what not to wear.

Sometimes “hey don’t do that” is one of the best guidelines. That’s why I’m here. I’ve made all the mistakes for you. So have no fear, you’re flawless rush week is just around the corner!


heels rushThey’re cute, they give you a height boost, they’re classy. Those are all the pro’s, but have you thought about the cons yet? Wearing heels in summer heat while speed walking from house to house will definitely end in many tears, blisters, and band-aids. Trust me, save the heels for Pref Night and Bid Day.


You want to stand out, but be classy over trashy!


You’re going to be packed like sardines in the entryways to those houses, don’t choke the person next to you by having dumped an entire bottle of Channel No. 5 on yourself that morning. Even little spritzes of perfume go a long way when you’re shoulder to shoulder with fifty people. Especially when it’s fifty different spritzes of perfume.

Big Purses and Clutches

a) There’s not enough space for that massive bag that holds your makeup, umbrella, waterbottle, lunch, laptop, kitchen sink….just bring the basics in a smaller sized purse

b) But not too small! You’re not going to want to carry a clutch the entire day

handbag rush


I ended up using a huge bag during Georgia’s Round 1. Big mistake! I was at the back of the line and, because there were so many PNMs and so little space in the entry way, I ended up having to hug my bag to my chest! Talk about embarrassing.

Strapless, Backless, or Spagetti Strap Dresses

If you’re a fan, don’t let this be your “be all end all I can’t wear my favorite dress” style for rush week, but keep in mind that it’s summer, it’s hot, you’re going to get sweaty, and strapless bras and stickyboobs don’t hold up well in the heat. Also, pulling up your dress every thirty seconds isn’t classy, it’s just gross.


This is for Bid Day. Not Round 1. Not Philanthropy. Not Pref Night. Bid Day.


This is for Pref Night. Not Round 1. Not Philanthropy. Not Bid Day. Pref Night.


Beauty pageants and fashion shows are great things to talk about during rounds, but please don’t be a walking example of one. No sequins, no rhinestones, no crazy jewelry. You are trying to become a sorority girl, not a disco ball.


Speaking of discos…Rush is not a club event. There’s no need to look like you’re going out to party. Refrain from deep necklines, booty shorts, backless dresses or cutouts, or things that are obviously too tight.

Faded, Worn, or Out of Date Clothing

Armpit stains, rips, worn spots, and sagging hemlines make you look disheveled and frumpy. Keep in mind that out of date patterns (*cough cough* chevron) should be avoided at all costs.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to dress classy – sophisticated and stylish should be your life motto during Sorority Rush Week! Don’t try to be anybody else, but don’t be sloppy or a hot mess. You are a unique individual, and the sororities you’re rushing want to get to know you, so be the best version of yourself for them!

Any “what not to wear” tips I missed? Comment below!

xo Bailey

UGA Panhellenic Rush Gamma Chis- 2015

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