On Staying Young

I work as a lifeguard at a resort. Each weekday morning I open the pool half an hour early for a water aerobics class attended by elderly women from the surrounding neighborhood. Today was no different. I opened the gate, set out freshly rolled towels, opened umbrellas, and turned on the speaker. However, there was one thing out of place: someone had left a large beach ball in our lost and found bin.

One of the Aquafit ladies found the ball and tossed it to her friend in the pool. A game of volleyball, held between five seventy to eighty year old women, commenced. Never before had I seen such joy on their faces, even though the game was more of chasing after bad passes and missed catches than anything else. But, after all, isn’t most of child’s play chasing after things?

Children are so good at running after whatever captivates them in a singular moment in time. Adults are much more focused on details, plans, and long term consequences. We tend to get so wrapped up in things that we live in the future rather than the here and now. Visually, this can be represented by samples of Picasso’s work.

It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child. – Pablo Picasso

maninaberetfeat art-pablo-picasso-1

How to be “younger”? Be more here and now. Focus on how you feel, what you want, what joy the next five minutes can bring you. Better yet, can you make someone else’s day better in the next five minutes? Live in the present more often and you’ll find yourself to be living a more youthful life.

xo, Bailey

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