Beach, Please!


I finally got away from work for a few days and headed to one of my favorite places – Topsail Island! Because my parents have a house there, I’ve been lucky enough to visit the beach every single year. I’ve also been able to take friends here for a little after-school-celebration in May.

Topsail is one of those places where it feels like you’ve stepped through a portal back in time. The rollerskating rink here has wood floors and plays music off an record player! And the island has a swing bridge (one of the oldest in the country that’s still in operation).

Topsail Island, NC

I’ve spent a lot of time on the beach this week, reading and relaxing.

My mom and I went into Wilmington for a day, and I got to go to Poe’s Tavern! I’ve talked about Poe’s Tavern before in this post. It’s one of the coolest restaurants I’ve ever been to! Everything on the menu is named after one of Poe’s literary works.

Poe's Tavern Wrightsville NC


Even the bathroom was cool! The wallpaper was actually pages of Poe’s stories, poems, and some illustrations. Below is a movie poster from the inside of the bathroom (haha sorry but I just couldn’t resist!).


Poe's Tavern Wrightsville, NC

If anyone’s looking for any food recommendations, I love anything with the buffalo shrimp!

Topsail Island, NC

Also, how cute is this sign?! It’s for the Beach Shop and Grille, because the owner breeds bulldogs and sometimes brings them to work. However, I might have to get one for my house back at UGA!


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