Today’s blog post is short and sweet (just like me, lol). These are all the places I went in Rome, other than the Vatican, which is technically its own country.


The Trevi Fountain was my favorite landmark. I had been wanting to visit and make a wish ever since The Lizzie McGuire Movie came out! img_3439

Below is the Pantheon…img_3443

Believe it or not, this building has a giant oculus in the middle! I’m a little sad that I wasn’t here for the Pentecost – the Romans celebrate by showering rose petals through the hole in the ceilingimg_3452

Of course, the Column of Trajan was a must! img_3455img_3468

If you missed my last post about all the coffee I drank in Italy – check it out here! Spoiler alert: Arnold’s was my favorite!


The oldest tea room in Italy!


I high-fived Constantine the Great.IMG_3399IMG_3403IMG_3418IMG_3421IMG_3426IMG_3429

And I managed to make some cool cat friends while abroad! Turns out, meowing in Italian is the same as EnglishIMG_3534

Obligatory “we figured out how to navigate the metro on our own” selfieIMG_3738

That’s all for now! Check back next week for more on my Italian travels!

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