To say that Florence nearly killed me is an understatement. I can’t tell you how many times I got lost and ended up sprinting down streets trying to make it to group dinner. Everything outside of the city center and away from the river looked the same!

The cathedrals, especially the bell tower, were absolutely astounding. Learning all about their history while being up close and personal with them was truly an incredible experience. I wish I had climbed to the top of each, but I just didn’t have the time!

I signed my name (and put my blog url) on the wall outside the Accademia Gallery. I also found some poetry graffiti pasted along the buildings the line wrapped around.


And this is what I found inside the Accademia Gallery!

As I mentioned before in this post, Gilli’s coffee is the prettiest I have ever seen!


I managed to get lost and stumble upon an author showcase. It’s too bad I don’t understand Italian! I would have really loved to listen in.

The main square had plenty of art, and gelato!

I met Galileo…and compared the size of my fingers to the ones preserved in this glass jar at the Galileo Museum.


Who would I be if I didn’t visit the Brancaci Chapel to get a better look at Tribute Money?


This is the view out of one of the museum’s windows! We visited so many that day I honestly couldn’t tell you which museum I was in when I snapped this pic

The flowers and stained glass are probably my favorite part about Florence!


I also managed to find an Asian restaurant! We were all so tired of Italian food at this point that anything containing bread, cheese, or tomatoes made us cringe

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