Hurricane Florence: How to Help

Hurricane Florence devastated the coasts of the Carolinas two weeks ago. Relief is still needed in many areas. Here’s a quick list of how you can help:

You can donate to hurricane victims at Red Cross by visiting this website.

Operation BBQ Relief provides meals for victims and first responders. You can check them out on their website.

Hearts With Hands is based out of my hometown, Asheville, NC. They’re taking both monetary and physical donations right now. You can also volunteer with them.

Pets, farm animals, and strays were displaced during the storm. Organizations like the ASPCA have disaster relief programs anyone can participate in. If you want to foster or adopt any of the animals rescued from Florence, check with your local shelter or shelters in the Carolinas. I know that Brother Wolf in Asheville is asking for foster parents right now!

NPR came out with a list of awesome ways to get involved, volunteer, donate, and find resources.

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is give cash, other times hands on work feels like you’re doing more. Whatever fits your lifestyle, there’s a way to get involved and help out Americans that need our help right now.

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How I Get Five Minutes of “Me Time” a Day

Since starting this blog as a freshman in college at UGA, I’ve found various ways to create personal space and me time. I’m still by means no expert at making time for myself, but I manage to get five minutes a day, and that has greatly improved my mental health and my ability to work longer without facing burnout.

What is “me time”?

“Me time” is time you take out of your day for yourself. In more recent years, this would be called “treat yo self” time. According to Google’s dictionary, me time is defined as “time spent relaxing on one’s own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy.” Most of my friends do face masks, read, or take fancy baths. I find myself not having a whole thirty minutes at the end of the day to decompress with beauty splurges. I also have such busy days that by the time I get home at 10 PM I feel like I’m down to my very last functioning brain cell, and the thought of reading anything makes me cringe. I tend to take my me time in the mornings or afternoons. This helps me set the tone for the day and allows me to decompress when running from one thing to the next.

Freshman year I struggled with creating personal space for myself. I shared a room, a bathroom, living spaces, dining halls, etc. I had little to no alone time. You can read that post by clicking on this link. The one thing on that list that’s still my tried and true go to? Headphones.

I walk from work to class to organizational meetings almost every day. This is my me time. I put in my headphones and think about whatever I want. Sometimes I listen to a podcast. Other days I listen to meditation soundtracks. Most of the time I’m either listening to my Senior Year playlist on Spotify or not listening to anything at all. It’s nice to have a quiet moment in the middle of the day all to myself, and wearing headphones guarantee that no one will interrupt that time.

Slow mornings are the best. I know lots of people that use their morning me time as workout time and that’s just not for me. I do work out, but waking up an hour early to sweat throws off my rhythm for the rest of the day. I instead brew some coffee and sit on my couch. That’s it. That’s all I do. And some days, it’s the only quiet fifteen minutes of alone time I get!

I’ve been following Sugar Paper on social media for a few weeks now because I’m in love with all of their stationary products. They published a journaling calendar for August and I immediately decided to join in on the fun. The prompts are often introspective yet fun, and the best part is that each day is only supposed to take up five minutes of your time. Here’s the link for those of you that want to check it out!

Journaling has taken on a big priority in my life as of late. With this being my last year of college, I’ve found myself wanting to document everything, even the lows. Allowing myself five minutes during the day to write out everything I’m feeling, even if it’s just a list of whatever I had for breakfast, gives my brain a break. It’s like I’m dumping all of the chaos in my head onto a page. I can’t begin to describe how much of a relief this is! I end up looking forward to having my morning coffee and my whenever-I-can-squeeze-it-in journaling session more than anything else each day.

How do you spend your me time?