Hurricane Florence: How to Help

Hurricane Florence devastated the coasts of the Carolinas two weeks ago. Relief is still needed in many areas. Here’s a quick list of how you can help:

You can donate to hurricane victims at Red Cross by visiting this website.

Operation BBQ Relief provides meals for victims and first responders. You can check them out on their website.

Hearts With Hands is based out of my hometown, Asheville, NC. They’re taking both monetary and physical donations right now. You can also volunteer with them.

Pets, farm animals, and strays were displaced during the storm. Organizations like the ASPCA have disaster relief programs anyone can participate in. If you want to foster or adopt any of the animals rescued from Florence, check with your local shelter or shelters in the Carolinas. I know that Brother Wolf in Asheville is asking for foster parents right now!

NPR came out with a list of awesome ways to get involved, volunteer, donate, and find resources.

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is give cash, other times hands on work feels like you’re doing more. Whatever fits your lifestyle, there’s a way to get involved and help out Americans that need our help right now.

Image result for hurricane florence

via NBC News

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