How to Give Back During the Holidays

As we wrap up the year many people are consumed by gift giving madness. Some are wondering how they’re going to afford presents. Others are just trying to provide their loved ones with food and shelter during the start of winter. 

Here are some quick ideas on how to help others have a happy, and fulfilling, Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, and New Year’s:

The article is old, but let’s put that aside to focus on the idea. Donate your new, unwanted beauty products to shelters. 

Toys for Tots, Shop With a Mascot, and other local programs donate toys to underprivileged children in many areas across the United States. 

Food banks are always looking for donations

Kitchens also need help cooking holiday meals for those they serve!

Another old article here, all about a “Tie One On” event where a community tied winter clothes to trees and fences throughout town with notes for individuals to take the items if they needed them.

If you see a homeless individual outside a coffee shop, ask them if they’d like something warm to eat or drink. A little warm coffee or a bowl of soup goes a long way when the weather dips into the freezing temperatures. 

Make a shelter for the neighborhood feral cat.

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