My Mother, the Feminist

When people ask me where I get my stubborn sense of independence from, I always smile and say “I get it from my mom.” Mothers tend to be complicated creatures, but they’ll love you like no one else. I’m lucky my mother has given me all the opportunities she wishes she’d had growing up.

When my mom went to school girls were not allowed to wear pants. Her mother needed the permission of her husband to have her tubes tied. Sexual education tended to be abstinence only or not at all. While women began to go to college more often, campuses were often dominated by the male sex. I believe that growing up in a culture where my mother learned to fight to be heard helped her raise a strong, fiercely independent daughter.

Throughout my life my mother has encouraged me to be the doctor, the lawyer, the scientist – rather for me to marry one of the above. I was always pushed towards success. I learned very quickly that brains, brawn, and beauty are not mutually exclusive features. There’s so much my mother has taught me throughout my life that one day doesn’t feel sufficient enough to show my love. And even though I don’t always remember to say “thank you” every day, I know I should.

Thank you, Mom, for teaching me to be the person I am and giving me the strength to go out on a limb to discover the person I want to grow up to be.


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