On My Radar

Hello all!

Yesterday was Father’s Day (hi, Dad). I drove Carson home to Asheville for a reunion with my parents. I think it was a very good Father’s Day present. If you’re wondering what I go him, the card I found from Avid Books was on their Instagram! And I also brought home some Athens made beers.

Did you know that the Athena beer from Creature Comforts, in Athens, Georgia, appeared in Endgame? Apparently it’s Thor’s beer of choice!

While I’m not much of a beer person, Will and I have discovered a pineapple cider that we both love (which, if you know us, is a miracle because our food preferences couldn’t be more different). Apparently Trader Joe’s has some and I can’t wait to try it! Sounds like a perfectly ~beachy~ drink.

In other news, I have become slightly obsessed with using canvas bags as purses on the days I run errands. Need a grocery bag? You got it. Running to Target? No need for using plastic bags. Impromptu trip to the farmer’s market? Gotcha. Throwing all your art supplies or writing utensils into one bag that you’ll probably need to wash ten million times to get your paint stains out of it? Look no further. Seriously, I love these things. Bon Appetit wrote an article on them, and what they say about your personality. My favorites are the one from Psychic Wines and Reanimator Coffee Roasters.

That’s the offering for today. Hope you enjoyed my little tid bits on life, although they sometimes seem to go together about as well as all the things you keep in your kitchen’s junk drawer. (Speaking of, if you’re looking to clean out your kitchen Joy the Baker has a post on that.)

What Does Your Restaurant Tote Say About You
from Bon Appetit

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