My Beach Essentials

Since I’m at Topsail Island, NC with my family this week I figured that I should go ahead and share my beach essentials. I don’t pack a whole lot for the beach, but what I do pack I can’t live without!

Beach Tote: My family has always used a Lands End tote bag to cart all our stuff out to the beach. The monogram helps us know it’s ours! Right now Lands End is having a promotion on these – You can get yours for $25!

Sun Bum Sunscreen: I’m allergic to most sunblocks (don’t ask me why, my skin just sort of did this to me after I started using prescription medication to treat my acne…it’s weird!) but this one seems to work well. I love using the stick for my face and any part of my swimsuit that rubs (hello any suit that ties around my neck). The best part – they’re free of chemicals that bleach coral reefs!

Beach Towel: I’ve collected an interesting menagerie of towels over the years. As long as I can easily spot it from the ocean I don’t care where it’s from or what brand it is. Sometimes the beach grocery stores have the best ones!

Books: I never go to the beach without a good book. This week I’ve packed more than I can handle (what can I say, I have high hopes). The Nightingale, Emergency Contact, Fates and Furies, Prozac Nation, Nonviolence: The History of a Dangerous Idea

Water Bottle: I carry a metal insulated water bottle with me almost everywhere now. While I love my Nalgene, Hydro Flasks and their assorted knockoffs are perfect for summer because they keep everything super cold. There’s nothing worse than being thirty on a hot beach and only having lukewarm water!

That’s all from me. What essentials do you pack for a beach trip?

2 thoughts on “My Beach Essentials

  1. I’ve found the Kindle Paperwhite a good replacement for a paper book. While I do prefer paper, the Kindle is a bit more versatile. I can read it in the dark while my wife getting the kid to sleep. I can read it in the sunlight just as well as a paper book. I can switch to other options should I find the book I started not what I expected.

    Beach tap water is generally the worst. When too much water is pulled from the aquifer, sea water creeps into it. So, beach water generally tastes the worst.

    Saw lots of people playing games: flying kites, cornhole, throwing footballs, etc.


    1. I’ve tried using Kindles and I always end up going back to paper books on the beach. I guess I’m just nervous to bring any electronics out there.

      Yes the tap water is HORRIBLE. Haven’t really found a way around that one yet, other than buying a Brita pitcher or a filter that attaches to the sink. I’m trying to avoid using plastic bottles since they’re bad for the environment and if they get hot enough some of the plastic can leach into the water (or so I’ve been told). Maybe one day I’ll find a better solution, but today is not that day haha


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