What I Did in Charlotte

I visited a close friend (hey, Emma!) in Charlotte, NC this month. We had such a fun time exploring the city!

Emma moved to Charlotte after graduating from UGA the same time I did. She got a full time job in the city and is living in the up-and-coming South End. It’s super ~trendy~ with all of its murals, Bird scooters, breweries, and outdoor dining options (more on that in a hot sec). While I’m more of a house gal, all of the apartments we walked past looked spacious and welcoming, especially those near the bike path.

My favorite part about South End? WALKING! I am a total sucker for walking everywhere. Emma and I walked to dinner my first night in town, walked about to explore, walked into Uptown Charlotte, walked to lunch…we walked pretty much everywhere. Driving in the city (any city) drives me bonkers, so having a very walkable living situation is my absolute dream.

Another favorite part would have to be the food (told ya I’d get there). I introduced Emma to Tupelo Honey, and Asheville staple. I’m head over heels for their breakfast bowl, which the foundation of is stone ground goat cheese grits!!! Ahhh!! Amazing. Iconic. Truly revolutionary. If you’ve never been, GO. Tupelo Honey now has locations in Asheville, Charlotte, and Durham.

We also met up with family friends at the Flying Biscuit, a chain that originated in Atlanta, GA. It was a little slice of Georgia (where Emma’s from and where we’ve been in school for four years) in the “north” part of the South. Again, I had a breakfast bowl. Shocker!

Even though I love my Tupelo Honey to death, the place I fell for is a little bakery called Amelie’s. The pictures below don’t capture the charm as well as visiting in person. The croissant…let’s just say it’s the best croissant I’ve ever had, and I ate croissants every day when I visited Paris in the 8th grade.

Being the total art nerd I am, the Mint Museum just had to be crossed off my bucket list while I was in town. Their exhibit on collage and contemporary art blew my mind away. I’ve never been a huge fan of modern art (mostly because I’d seen a bunch of weird plastic things like neon pink sharks or walls full of Rothko’s) but the Mint exhibit truly changed my preconceptions. Art as political commentary has been a fun topic for me to explore in my studies, and the Mint did not disappoint in that regard. They also had so much more to offer than just painting. The woodworking and glass art on display was, in my opinion, one of the best non-traditional exhibits I’d walked through.

Emma and I also walked through the Uptown Charlotte area doing the Liberty Walk, which is a historical tour of the Revolutionary War happenings in Charlotte. Not only is it free, you walk through some of the best parts of the city!

Also, I love North Carolinian’s sense of humor. Gets me every time.

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