Sending Greetings Made Simple with Paperless Post

Some claim the art of letter writing has been lost, but I think it’s merely changed forms. I love sending my friends letters, but because most of them are in college or recent graduates, their mailing addresses change frequently and it’s hard to keep up with them. You know what doesn’t often change? An email address.

Sending snail mail has been popularized again by Instagrammers sharing their letter decorating or hand lettering online, and by the recent Thinking of You Week, but online letters can be just as beautiful.

I teamed up with Paperless Post to send out graduation invitations in May, and I’m back to show you some of their unique designs for sending electronic letters, emails, fliers, and invitations! Paperless Post makes it easy to send a ~paperless~ letter to those you love, without the hassle of figuring out who still sells stamps.

The greeting cards offered by Paperless Post are not only unique, some of them are by your favorite designers! Who knew Kate Spade made e-cards? Well, now you do!

And for all those designers out there, you can upload your design to their website to create your very own e-card. Paperless Post also gives you the option to take your digital design and turn it into a real life card with the help of Paper Source if you find that digital hello’s just aren’t your thing after all.

Like I talked about in my graduation invitation post, I really enjoy Paperless Post because the animation gives you the feel of actually opening a card. Instead of what most e-cards do, where there’s a picture or a video for you to send, Paperless does it differently. When you send your card, your friend gets to see an envelope addressed to them, from you, with a Paperless stamp. The envelope is opened through the animation and your card is pulled out. As far as I’ve found, Paperless Post is the only e-card service that not only lets the sender customize the card and envelope, but allows the sender to cater the experience of opening the card towards the opener. Part of the joy of getting snail mail is actually opening the letter, and this isn’t lost here even though the whole transaction is online!

I picked out a card to send to my mom (hi Mom!). She and I share an affinity for funny greeting cards, and we almost always picked some up from local bookstores in Athens, GA when she visited me!

Dear Paperless Post, you are awesome sauce as well! Thanks for making sending greeting cards so easy!

All pictures are screenshots of Paperless Post‘s website and products. Images are not my own. Post was made in partnership with Paperless Post but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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