Gratitude Journaling This November

I try my best to journal at least once a week. This November, I decided to change gears a little bit and try to write down one good thing from each day.

I tend to be a little negative at the end of the day. I’m tired and hungry, definitely overwhelmed by everything on my never ending to do list, and just generally not in a great mood, so when I sit down before bed to write, my entries end up being about all the bad in the world. Reading over a few of my October entries I realized that I actually had a really good month, but I documented only the bad stuff. After reading this article from Lauren Conrad, I decided to change things up.

In my psychology classes during undergrad I learned about the power of positive thinking. It not only helps to improve your overall mood and outlook on life, but can also lower stress levels. Less stress means a healthier heart, more energy, and better sleep. All of that leads to a longer life! Sounds like a nice package deal, and I don’t have to wait for Amazon Prime delivery! This gift comes instantaneously – one positive thought can change your brain chemistry.

Writing down one thing I’m thankful for, or one thing that happened to me that day that was good, has helped me work through this turbulent first semester. It’s also given me a few pages of happiness to look back on in a few years. Right now, I’m thankful that future me will remember nights with friends instead of my Civil Procedure midterm grade.

Here are a few journaling ideas to get you started:

How are you practicing gratitude this November?

What’s on my Radar

Midterms are finally over, and I am officially braindead. Here I am studying for finals anyway. That’s the major difference between law school and undergrad – I started preparing for finals before midterms were halfway through.

I’ve been watching a lot of Amanda Rach Lee‘s Youtube videos. I’m preparing for my 2020 bullet journal by binging her bujo set up clips in my free time. I find her voice so soothing that I actually watch her videos right before bed!

Here’s how I set up my 2019 bullet journal. I’m expanding my set up so that I have habit trackers, mood trackers, and monthly to-do lists. I’m super excited to get started, but I’m waiting until winter break to start.

I also decided that I’m taking my address book and birthday cheat sheet out of my bullet journal and moving them into an actual address book. Will and I went to Paper Source over the weekend and I found this adorable one from Rifle Paper Co!

I’ve also recently been obsessed with Twenty Seven on Instagram. Her shop is adorable and I wish I was in Lakeland to visit in person! I also love how her goal is to spread more sunshine and happiness.

I listened to Bad on Paper‘s podcast with Carly the Prepster. I’ve been following her blog and Instagram for around five years now (how has it been that long?!) and was inspired by her to start my own blog. So here we are, full circle, talking about her blog on my blog.

Her feature in Bad on Paper’s podcast felt special because A) I was stuck in Atlanta traffic while listening to her chat and that made me realize how much I’ve grown up in the past five years, B) I now have a tbr stack of books that I know I’ll love (because everything Carly has recommended has been right up my alley), and C) she’s so relatable. Here’s to hoping we’ll run in to each other in a bookstore or a coffee shop one day! But for now, I’ll just continue reading her blog.

That’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll have more time to write up an actual blog post next week!