Using a Bullet Journal to Hold Yourself Accountable

I’ve written about my bullet journal several times on the blog. I use it to keep track of my busy schedule, write down all the things on my never ending to-do lists, and keep up with my school work.

Bullet journals aren’t just for school, but as a student that’s what I utilize mine for the most. Today I’m working with Quill to show you all of the extra ways to use your bullet journal (for life and for school!).

Productive Bullet Journal

My bullet journal looks very different from this set up, and that’s okay! Bullet journals are totally customizable – made by you for you!

Instead of a future log, I find it most helpful to draw out monthly calendars for the whole year in the beginning of my bujo. That helps me keep track of when things are, but also is really good because I’m a visual learner, so seeing everything all together gives me an even better idea of how much time I have to complete assignments or study for tests.

My favorite pages are definitely my brain dump pages, goals sheet, and reading log. Giving each their own page not only keeps them separate, but gives you extra space to track your progress, or to write mini reviews for each book, or even put in some doodles!

A fun page that I’m planning on incorporating into my 2020 bullet journal is a spread created by Amanda Rach Lee. She puts all her “to watch”, “to read”, and “to listen to” items on one page so she can keep track of them. I’m planning on making a movie list, a tv show list, a book list, an albums list, and a podcast list. I always have something I really want to catch up on, but when I finally have free time I totally blank on what it was! I’m hoping keeping all of those “to watch/read/listen to” things together will help me better utilize my free time.

Here are a few links to help you get started shopping if you’re stuck:

Brush Pens 1 & 2 / Fineliners / Ink Pen 1 & 2 / Journal / Sticky Notes 1, 2, & 3 / Washi Tape 1 & 2

What are you putting in your 2020 bullet journal?

Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links, which I do receive a small commission for. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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