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What’s In My Bag – Quarantine Edition

The longer quarantine has gone on, the more I find myself turning to Youtube for distraction. Under normal circumstances, whenever I’m stressed, I find myself watching British Vogue’s In the Bag. Emma Watson’s interview is my most watched clip on Youtube. Now that it’s reached week seven of me being in the house (and I’m in the house bored) I have rewatched all of Vogue’s In the Bag and can nearly quote Emma’s clip entirely by heart. (I may, or may not, be losing it.)

On my way home from the grocery store I decided to make my own What’s in the Bag post, including everything I’ve kept in my purse since quarantine began.

This is my beloved tote bag, which I use for everything. I love it because not only is it machine washable, it has two sets of handles! One long handle, for all those times you need to sling things over your shoulder, and two short handles for when it’s a grab and go sort of day. I got the tote from Reanimator Coffee last year. They’ve sadly discontinued this print, but the new art is spunky and green!

And now for the contents…there’s a lot. I’m a packrat, I’ll admit.

I always have either a journal or a book with me. This journal is a plain Moleskin that I stuck a sticker of Manet’s The Fifer onto. Moleskins are usually super expensive, but I got a set of five for $16 the last time I went to T.J. MAXX. Oh how I miss the days when shopping was simple, in person, and pandemic free. For now, Amazon will have to do.

I’m also the friend that carries around a thousand writing utensils. Always. Need a pen? Here’s five. Want one in a specific color? Hold up, I think I got it in the bottom of my bag. Pencil? Check. Highlighter? Got that too. Coloring materials? Mhm that’s probably in here somewhere. I had so many writing utensils floating around in my bag that I finally got this pencil pouch to hold them all.

Essentials I never leave home without (Corona virus or no Corona virus):

Not pictured here: Lysol, Kleenex, Clorox wipes, and the grocery store receipt from the other day that I somehow still have with me.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out What’s in My Bag: Quarantine Edition!

COVID-19 Update

You’d think with all this “free time” during quarantine I’d find the time to write a few blog posts here and there, but no. I’ve been studying for finals, taking finals, and preparing myself for my summer internship. I’ve done a lot in the past few weeks.

Finals are finished – I’m officially a 2L! Everything got moved online, and classes went pass fail. Most universities did the same. And it’s not like there’s a protocol or a how-to book on running a place of higher education. I think everyone is doing their best, only what “their best” looks like during this time is drastically different from what it was in 2019.

I’m excited to begin my internship sometime this month (or next, depending on how quarantine goes). Once I actually start, and receive permission to tell the internet what my position is and with whom, I’ll make a post about it.

That’s a wrap!

Little Things That’ve Helped

Here’s a short list of things that have helped me wrap my head around this pandemic. Hopefully they’ll help you too.

Penguins take a walk through the aquarium. See also: puppies visit the GA aquarium.

NY Times article about remembering the little spots of light in the darkness.

Rainbows in Brooklyn.

The Sudden Obliteration of Expectation.

What we’re feeling is actually grief.

Letter to all the UGA seniors missing out on spring semester of their last year of college.


How are we today? Are we doing okay? It’s okay to not be okay.

There have been a lot of thoughts swirling around in my head about how I wanted to write about the corona virus on my blog. I’ve had a lot of time to process these thoughts, and I still haven’t quite made any sense of them. And that’s okay. There isn’t much of a protocol for my generation when it comes to a global pandemic. I have nothing to look to for guidance, other than the Spanish flu. And I keep reminding myself that that’s okay. Not having guidance is okay. Not knowing what’s coming next is okay. It will all be okay.

I am very type A. My family and friends joke about my OCD tendencies and about how much of a control freak I am. This time has been incredibly hard for me because all my schedules have been disrupted, all plans cancelled, and all semblance of control has been thrown out from under me. I’ve been using this time to learn how to be okay when everything I use to stabilize my life (order, organization, schedules, events) is gone. This also means creating a new schedule, which looks a whole lot like “move to living room at 8:15 am for class; at 9:55 take a break to sit outside on the porch; at 10:45 come back inside for class; move from the kitchen table to the floor.” I miss the regularity of my law school classes. I also miss being with friends, even if we were stuck with each other starting at 8:30 am every day (I am not a great morning person…).

If you know me, you know I do not do well with change. This period of my life has been nothing but change, and that’s also been difficult. Leaving Athens, moving to Macon, starting law school, leaving all my friends behind and making new ones, trying to be comfortable with essentially “starting all over” with my professional life, and now the pandemic. Sitting here, counting all the major life changes that have happened in the past 10 months, brings an embarrassing amount of panic. I’m talking about it because I know there’s someone else out there that needs to hear that it’s okay to freak out a little. It’s okay to wallow in your discomfort for a little while before moving on; healthy, even, to do so. The important thing is to move on eventually. Keep moving forward a tiny bit each day. Take a step back if you need to, but always remember to keep stepping forward.

Change becomes comfortable with time, and right now it feels like we have an endless amount of time before us, but also a nagging fear that our time might be cut short. It’s a strange paradox to be in. But we’re in this together.

Meet Walter!

There’s been a running joke between my friend Zach and I that I am just like the main character from Fleabag and should therefore be the owner of a guinea pig. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, Fleabag is about a girl living in London who co-owns a guinea pig themed cafe with her dead best friend. Her life is a mess. She has a hard time making friends with people because she’s a bit of an acquired taste. Oh and the guinea pig’s name is Hillary. Personally, I think I am the main character’s older sister, who has a professional job, married an art guy (does he sell art? does he look at art? does he make art? TBD.), and has a very nice wardrobe that is mostly neutrals. Needless to say, Zach disagreed and I ended up with a guinea pig to complete the joke.

Walter is your average, run of the mill Petsmart guinea pig. He’s probably five months old. I say probably because the pet store misjudged his gender and he is actually a she but because I’ve already named him and he responds to him better than her, I am going to continue to refer to Walter as a he. And just in case anyone thinks I have offended my guinea pig by misgendering him, it’s okay. I have asked him. He is fine with it so long as I continue to feed him grapes.

Walter enjoys long naps, eating, and burrowing into my clothing so he can nose his way into my armpit and then bite me when I try and pull him out. His favorite foods are grapes, clover, hay, and his own poop. He’s a very classy guy.

He goes in for a second vet visit tomorrow, where I will be confirming his gender and getting him weighed again. So far, he is a chonker (which is perfect by guinea pig standards).

Good lord what do I even call this other than a weird rant

Before turning 21, drinking was this weird thing I considered very grown up, but also youthful. Alcohol was surrounded by a gauze of mysticism. How would it make me feel? Do I want to risk getting into trouble? How much is too much? How does one make a mixed drink? Honestly, before college, I thought a mixed drink was 50% vodka and 50% juice. Thankfully I have learned my lesson, and that lesson only took one “mixed drink” to figure out.

Now, almost all the social situations I find myself in outside of school and work have alcohol involved. Coming to talk at a law school reception? Grab a glass of wine. Going to a birthday dinner? Have a beer. Want to watch a movie with friends at home? Someone bring on the White Claws!

Having a drink in my hand when I’m standing around chatting has become the norm. I spent January making a more conscious choice of when I drank, what I was drinking, and with whom I was sharing a drink. Why was I reaching for a drink in a particular moment? Was it just to feel like a normal person and fit in, or was it because I really wanted a glass of wine? I found that most of the time I drank, I drank because I wanted people to think I was “normal.” Having a drink with friends while chatting about life made me less of a prude, or so I thought think.

While going through the notes on my phone, I stumbled upon a piece from Medium called The Unifying Theory of Alcohol. I remembered reading it about a year ago, and only clicked on the link to read it again because I’d just been to a Super Bowl party where a handful of people peppered me with questions about why I wasn’t drinking, if I wanted a drink, if I was the designated driver, etc. The truth was, I didn’t want to get drunk with them, but I didn’t want to say that because I didn’t want to sound lame. I also didn’t want people to continue to try and get me to drink. So I told them I was driving.

I ended up getting a drink an hour later, after relocating to another party with close friends. But I wasn’t drinking to get drunk or because I felt I had to. I wanted something sweet, so I made myself half a drink and nursed it all night long. The weird thing was that as soon as my group migrated back to the old party, no one there asked me about drinking. As soon as I showed up with a cup in my hand, the questions stopped. It was an eerie moment because it seemed like I had to drink, or get pestered all night.

Reading the article from Medium over again, I wished there was an easier way to say “I’m not drinking” that would get it through other people’s heads. “I’m not drinking” doesn’t mean “ask me again to make sure I’m sure” or “check again in a few minutes.” Alcohol is no longer mystical or weird. Sometimes it’s a burden. No one wants to explain their reasoning for not drinking a thousand times in one night (and by a thousand, I mean more than maybe once).

I guess what I really want is for society to normalize not consuming alcohol as much as it showcases drinking in any and all social situations.

I don’t care if you drink. I don’t care if you want to get drunk every night of the week. But I do care if I get asked about alcohol so many times that I eventually feel pressured to lie about being the designated driver or fill a Solo cup with water so people stop asking.

Perhaps I need more of a backbone. Perhaps I should just drink water and pretend to be doing what everyone else is doing. Perhaps I should just get over myself and have that glass of wine. Who knows. But I do know that The Unifying Theory of Alcohol really hit the nail on the head for me after that party, and it’s definitely something to think about.

On My Radar

Since starting school I have been super busy! Obviously I’m not surprised, but I’m still a little shocked at just how busy I’ve been. I feel like this semester is much different than last semester in that I’m spending more time on homework but getting less of an overall understanding of what’s going on. Go figure!

I haven’t done a “what’s on my radar” post in a little while, so here’s what’s been on my mind recently! From Instagram posts to weird Youtube rabbit holes, get ready for a wild ride.

I’ve been obsessed with guinea pigs recently. I actually adopted a little baby boy earlier this month! His name is Walt and I love him to death. In doing my research on how to care for him, I found the BEST guinea pig account on Instagram! @officialpigdad is hilarious. The pictures where the piggies are wearing sunglasses are my favorites.

I’m also starting to apply for summer internships. Many of my friends are applying to all the places they can, some are only applying to a few select places depending on the type of law they want to practice later on in life, and I’m somewhere in between. I’m applying to all the “cool” sounding jobs, the jobs that have something to do with family law or anything at all related to art, and all of the jobs open for Macon, GA and Asheville, NC. I am going to be so happy when the job search is over!

This article makes me laugh a whole lot – I am a Trader Joe’s Parking Lot and I am Here to Destroy You from McSweeneys

I set up my 2020 bullet journal using a Karst notebook and wow I am disappointed! I’ll try and make a whole post on this later, but sheesh the quality of the paper was not at all what I expected for the price of the notebook. Especially when the paper is made of stone!

My favorite weekly spread (so far) has been this one! So many sunshines! It all just makes me smile 🙂

I’ve also been so obsessed with my Relax – mint leaf and mandarin two wick jar candle. I got it for my birthday and wow! It smells amazing! Not only that, the scent truly is relaxing. Once lit, it’ll make your whole room smell like a spa.

On the Youtube side of things, my favorite Youtuber Amanda Rach Lee is taking a break. I totally get why she’s doing it. Her video explaining everything is a little long winded, but I empathize with every little bit of it. If you’re pushing yourself so hard that you start having extreme anxiety over every little thing, take a break. It’s not worth it.

On the happier (and guinea pig obsessed) side of things, I’ve found a channel devoted to learning all about guinea pigs, their keeping and care, and the LA Guinea Pig Rescue! Getting to see guinea pig babies, piggy adoptions, and sick guineas being nursed back to health just warms my heart.

The channel is called Saskia from Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue. Here’s the link to the Youtube channel and here’s a link to the LA rescue center’s website.

One last thing before I go: Silli Pint! My mom has been obsessed with this company for a few months now. They make silicone cups, which they’re unbreakable and eco-friendly! They mimic all the cup shapes you know and love (like your pint glass, wine glass, shot glass, you get the picture) so they’re easy to use. You use them exactly the same way you’d use a regular glass, only they won’t shatter if you drop them! Plus they come in some crazy fun colors. Mine is a glow in the dark 16 oz pint glass with a travel lid so I can take it on the go.

That’s all for now! See you next week!

Gift Ideas for the Skincare Fanatics in Your Life

  1. Country Life Biotin Spray for Skin and Nails
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  6. Mario Badescu Acne Repair Kit
  7. Lush Herbalism Face and Body Cleanser
  8. Lush Scrubee Bar

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Last Minute Gifts With Amazon

  1. Kindle Unlimited – perfect for the reader in your life!
  2. Audible Membership – audio books for readers on the go, long car trips, or anyone that prefers listening to reading
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Some of the links above are affiliate links. I receive a small commission if you purchase something through that link.