Setting the Tone for Fall With Lancôme

Brands love jewel shades for fall, and Lancôme is no exception to that rule! Today I’ll be showing you how to create an everyday fall look with some of Lancôme’s new products with the help of Sephora and Influenster. I received these items complementary to test, review, and enter into a Sephora beauty contest.

Lancôme’s new Le Monochromatique for eyes, cheeks, and lips in the shade Haute Couture (retails at $25) reminds me of the ruby red maple trees locals look for in Appalachia come September. I used the product on my eyelids for this everyday fall look.

The product is very buildable, but also highly pigmented. I’d suggest doing some swatches on your arm to determine how much product you want on your brush and how much force you use when applying to get just the right shade. It took me a few tries to get it just right, but I found that using a lighter concealer on my lids and light application of a small amount of powder on the center of my lid and blending it out towards the corners of my eyes gave me a nice, although subtle, ruby color.

Lancôme also came out with a new mascara, which I also used to complete this look. The Monsieur Big waterproof mascara (retails at $25) is made without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates (chemicals commonly found in mascara), but still allows for 24 hour lash volume. The formula left my lashes feeling soft, instead of crunchy.

The only problem I have with this mascara is how big the brush is. I poked myself in the eye trying to get all of the smaller lashes covered. I’m not a makeup pro by any means, but I’m good enough to not have poked myself in the eye with a mascara wand since middle school. The brush is big and fluffy, which may work for some people, but for those of us with pesky smaller lashes or smaller eyes I would suggest using a smaller applicator.

At the end of the day, after taking all the makeup off, I use Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl™ Eye Illuminator Youth Activating Concentrate (retails at $69) to help my eyes relax and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow. While I don’t need any help looking youthful (thanks 22!), I do love that the formula is cool on my skin and that it comes with a patented massage applicator. It’s definitely soothing after a long day of law school studies.

This is definitely going to be my staple look for fall. Not only is it super easy to throw on before class, it’s simple enough to be suitable for office wear. I wore it nearly every day last week, and for my last post about decorating my new room!

As I said before, I received these items complementary to test and review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Are Summer Sales Worth Shopping?

Hello hello, long time no blog, friends! I’ve been busy bebopping around the U.S. visiting friends (more on that soon, I promise) and trying to prep for my move to Macon. However, I’ve also had a little time to upgrade the site! Nothing major, aside from the change in name. I’m now at Hey Bails rather than Bailey Studies Psych. Makes sense, since I don’t actually study psychology anymore.

Anyways! If you haven’t noticed, this week is filled with some crazy summer sales. From Nordstrom to Amazon to Target, each place has different deals and a different impact on its workers and the planet. I’m not planning on doing a deep dive into allllllllll the sales going on, but a few of the major ones have some interesting repercussions!

First up, Amazon:

While the two day Prime spectacular begins today, many Amazon workers are boycotting the event. Makes sense, given that the company exploits many of its workers and fights unions. Others are against Amazon because of how it ships its goods. While it’s nice to get free two day shipping as a Prime member, the way Amazon does it uses excessive fossil fuels and contributes to global trash problems with the amount of packaging used (which could be decreased in favor of being more environmentally friendly).

Some small things to consider before you buy:

If you can run to the store down the street and purchase the good, you should probably opt for that. Grocery shopping online is convenient, but do you really need the extra plastic and mountains of boxes that come with shipping yourself toilet paper or cereal? Probably not. Cut down on your own carbon footprint by opting to shop in person for things that are readily available close to home.

Is there a local shop you can buy that item from? If so, consider choosing to purchase from them rather than from a big retailer. Amazon has been known to have lots of cheap knockoff goods, but many are overseas retailers taking pictures from local boutique websites and selling a crap product in its place. A good example of this is Red Dress from Athens GA having to fight Amazon to take down over twenty images claiming to sell Red Dress items on its site (which Red Dress never authorized). Go follow Diana Harbor on Instagram to learn more about that!

Amazon also fights tax laws that could go to supporting local economies, so if your local economy matters to you, try to stay away from Prime day. That being said, if there’s a product on Amazon that you’ve been vying for, don’t beat yourself up over purchasing it this one time. Amazon does have “Smile” benefits where a percentage of your proceeds go to a charity of your choice, and while their jobs aren’t great they do employ a large amount of people in the U.S. whose jobs could have easily gone overseas. While the good doesn’t always outweigh the bad, one purchase won’t tip the scales in either direction. It’s the lifestyle choices that are far more important in the long run.

Up next: Nordstrom

Nordstrom’s anniversary sale is huge this time of year. All of the fall and winter staples you’ve been waiting for are now drastically reduced in price. Not only are clothes are accessories on sale, but so are beauty products and home goods. The Nordstrom sale is great if you’re looking to purchase an item that’s usually ridiculously expensive (hello Tory Burch riding boots) or if you’re looking for high quality pieces.

The only really bad thing I’ve read about Nordstroms is about their contribution to global waste, which is similar among almost all big name stores. Around 20% of global waste is caused by the fashion industry, and that’s not counting pollution. It’s also not counting shipping. (If you want to read more about how the fashion industry contributes to pollution and waste, read this article from Edge.) A better way to grab a designer piece for half the cost is to shop consignment. ThredUp is a great option for online shopping (plus you can sort through things at lightening speed to see if they have what you’re looking for), and the same goes for Ebay. I prefer Plato’s Closet and Clothes Mentor. Not only are you getting great deals, you’re also saving things from landfills.

If you’re looking for new stuff, have an aversion to gently used clothing (which I can understand if you’re into watching those Monsters Inside Me shows my mom watches all the time), want current fashion trends in your closet, or have a very specific piece you’re looking for that you can’t find anywhere else, Nordstrom is a better option than Amazon in my humble opinion.

One retailer actively combatting Amazon Prime Day is Target. They’ve announced some big deals for today and tomorrow to help persuade people to shop somewhere other than their big online competitor. And while you need a Prime membership to save on Amazon (seems counterintuitive to pay for discounts…doesn’t it?), Target is marketing its savings as a membership-free free for all.

Personally, I support Target for its add diversity, inclusivity, and willingness to pay attention to social trends and support what people want. While some claim that the store has become too political and have decided to boycott, I think that the brand is choosing to widen their advertising audience for the better. Not only that, Target puts its money where its mouth is by donating to public safety grants, to support the LGTBQ+ community, and more.

Keep in mind that shopping from any large corporation has its downfalls. In some cases, shopping nation wide sales means choosing the lesser of multiple evils. If you have the chance, support local stores. If you don’t, do some research about how the brand uses their money and supports (or doesn’t) their workers.

That’s all for this Monday. Check back next week for something on the lighter side.

My Beach Essentials

Since I’m at Topsail Island, NC with my family this week I figured that I should go ahead and share my beach essentials. I don’t pack a whole lot for the beach, but what I do pack I can’t live without!

Beach Tote: My family has always used a Lands End tote bag to cart all our stuff out to the beach. The monogram helps us know it’s ours! Right now Lands End is having a promotion on these – You can get yours for $25!

Sun Bum Sunscreen: I’m allergic to most sunblocks (don’t ask me why, my skin just sort of did this to me after I started using prescription medication to treat my acne…it’s weird!) but this one seems to work well. I love using the stick for my face and any part of my swimsuit that rubs (hello any suit that ties around my neck). The best part – they’re free of chemicals that bleach coral reefs!

Beach Towel: I’ve collected an interesting menagerie of towels over the years. As long as I can easily spot it from the ocean I don’t care where it’s from or what brand it is. Sometimes the beach grocery stores have the best ones!

Books: I never go to the beach without a good book. This week I’ve packed more than I can handle (what can I say, I have high hopes). The Nightingale, Emergency Contact, Fates and Furies, Prozac Nation, Nonviolence: The History of a Dangerous Idea

Water Bottle: I carry a metal insulated water bottle with me almost everywhere now. While I love my Nalgene, Hydro Flasks and their assorted knockoffs are perfect for summer because they keep everything super cold. There’s nothing worse than being thirty on a hot beach and only having lukewarm water!

That’s all from me. What essentials do you pack for a beach trip?

This Summer’s Perfect Wrap Dress

Living in the American South can have its perks, but I wouldn’t consider summer one of them. It’s SO hot! Right now, in May, Georgia is experiencing temps well into the 80’s. On my graduation day it got up to 90 degrees! And I don’t know about you, but I prefer loose fitting clothing during this time of year.

Blooming Jelly, a company that sells on Amazon, invited me to try one of their dresses for summer. I’ve never owned a wrap dress before…I’m always worried that they’ll come untied! Yikes!

This dress has two sets of ties, one for the first wrap layer and another that ties in the back, so you never have to worried about losing your dress to the wind! Plus the bigger tie allows you to have a cute bow in the back.

The wrap also lets you control how much cleavage you show. I’m fairly conservative, so I tied the dress pretty tight at the waste. I found the v-neck cut very flattering.

I absolutely love the pattern of jungle leaves (I got mine in the green!). The ruffles give the dress more movement and add an element of fun. I was worried about the dress being too short, but the hem came to just above my knees. I’m on the shorter side (barely 5’4″), so that might be why the dress is a bit longer on me than in the images on Amazon.

 I wore this dress to Mother’s Day brunch at an upscale country club. I got compliments from many people, some older, more conservative women and other women about my age (22). I’m 5’4″ and 115 pounds and wearing a small. The dress runs a tad bit big, but since it’s a wrap dress you can tie it tighter or looser depending on your preference. The material is very soft and the dress is well sewn. Definitely worth the price!

Check out my Amazon review by clicking here!

This v-neck wrap dress is the one I’ll be reaching for all summer long, for barbecues to graduations to family events!

Dying my Hair Pink with Eva NYC Chameleon Temporary Color Sprays

As a member of Influenster, I got my very first VoxBox to write reviews on! I was gifted some really cool things like chalk colored hair spray in pink and purple, a meal kit, a face mask creme, and some Nature’s Bounty hair, skin, and nails gummy vitamins. I’m going to be writing some reviews on them and posting them on the blog, but other reviews will be posted on my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page so if there’s a review you really want to see check those accounts out for the most recent updates!

I’ve always wanted to have “fun” hair before I have to really be a serious adult, so I was over the moon when Influenster sent me Eva NYC Chameleon Temporary Color Stays hair products in the colors “Pink Crush” and “Purple Dream”!

Chameleon temporary color stays are buildable, brushable sprays that create instant vibrant temporary color – on any hair shade. Infused with Keravis™ protein complex and argan oil, this salon-quality formula instantly delivers optimal anti-breakage benefits and commitment-free color!


I’ve always wanted to have “fun” hair before I have to really be a serious adult, so I was over the moon when Influenster sent me Eva NYC Chameleon Temporary Color Stays hair products in the colors “Pink Crush” and “Purple Dream”! Chameleon temporary color stays are buildable, brushable sprays that create instant vibrant temporary color – on any hair shade. Infused with Keravis™ protein complex and argan oil, this salon-quality formula instantly delivers optimal anti-breakage benefits and commitment-free color!

I’d never ever done anything to my hair before and wasn’t sure where to start so I felt much better about treating my hair after reading the ingredients list for these products. I already do a hair mask once a week with argan oil and have noticed how much healthier my hair looks now, so I was confident that this color treatment would at least be safe for my virgin strands. And lo! The Chameleon Temporary Color Spray lived up to the challenge. Even though my hair felt dry after the application (which I totally expected because I read that most spray on dyes change the texture of your hair a bit), there was no breakage! Even after leaving the product in all day and giving it a rough wash in the shower my hair looked healthy.

I wanted to try going for a dip dye look, but that’s really hard when you’re using spray dye so I ended up with subtle highlights. I sort of just wrapped a towel around my shoulders and went to town creating highlights in the bottom sections of my hair and then brushing the spray through with a paddle brush to transfer a minimal amount of color into the top layer of hair. The towel didn’t make it out as glamorously, sad to say. The hairbrush, countertop, and my hands were also casualties. But the hair? Gorgeous. I ended up with some stunning subtle pink highlights.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to try this everyday look again, even though I loved the look. Why? Well…everything in my life that came into contact with my hair turned hot pink. My towels, my hair brush, my straightener, my curler, my jean jacket, my stripped tank top, the top of my backpack…everything. My shower and bathmat were also christened with hot pink water after I washed my hair. And even though I washed my hair twice before styling it again, my straightener came away pink after use. My hairbrush will most likely be permanently dyed pink as I’ve washed it three times and can’t get any of the residue off of it.

I colored my hair Monday morning. I wrote this review Sunday. I washed my hair three times between Monday and today. I wore a grey sweater this afternoon and the top of it, where my hair must have gotten caught between my back and my backpack when I was putting the backpack on, is now pink. The product is advertised as coming out after a shower; however, my hair is still tinging things pink a week later. It’s like the Midas touch, only a vibrant shade of pink. The costume designer of Mean Girls would be proud.

While I loved the look, I don’t think I would use this in every day life. It’s too messy. I would, however, totally do a hair color makeover for Halloween or any other fun holiday! I could even dye my hair bright green for the next Saint Patrick’s Day 5k I sign up for! The options are limitless.

To learn more about Eva NYC you can follow their Instagram @evahairnyc

You can also follow this hair product, and many others, through the hashtag #evaempowerment so you never miss a real life review!

Fun Spring Coffee Cups

Way back in the day (okay so it was only 2016, but it feels like a decade ago) I wrote this post on my favorite sassy sayings coffee cups. While my style has changed a bit since then, my dependence upon my morning cup of joe has not.

With spring right around the corner, I’m sure we’re going to wake up to more drizzle mornings and hopefully a few more flowers. These super cute mugs and cups would make great Easter presents (or a fun gift to put a smile on a friend’s face).

Hello There

Royal Albert Spring Meadow

Corkcicle Tumbler

Pantone Mug

B’WELL Reusable Coffee Cup

Kate Spade Sunny Disposition Tumbler

My Eye Brightening Trick

No matter how much sleep I get I always look tired. Pair that with an important interview or a date and people start to think I look disinterested. I almost wish I could have a sign that reads “This is just my face. It’s how it always looks. I’m not tired or mad or bored. It’s just my face.”

While I’ve tried lots of different things, like the cold spoon technique or Blaq eye masks (review on those coming soon!), I always end up looking like I need a cup of coffee and a nap about an hour after. Go figure. So instead of trying to fix the skin around my eyes, I decided to make it stand out by adding a little sparkle.

I do my normal concealer and foundation routine, adding some extra concealer in a shade lighter than my skin tone around my eyes, and then pop some thrive cosmetics brilliant eye brightener in Stella in the corners. The product is sheer and sparkly, allowing me to build it to the intensity I want. On a normal day I usually go for one swipe. The very pale nude is many shades lighter than my usual skin tone, and when popped directly into the corner of my eye it instantly brightens my eyes and makes me look a little more awake.

A lot of the reviews online express disappointment that the product isn’t full coverage on its own. I’d encourage you to think of it more like a highlighter. You wouldn’t use your highlight as concealer or foundation, so why are you doing that around your eyes? Instead of being used alone to cover up dark under eye circles the thrive brilliant eye brightener is meant to distract.

The best part about the product? I got it for a discounted price in my winter FabFitFun box. Usually $25, I got this product along with a handful of others for only $50. Boxes are usually a $200 value (!!!) but you only pay $50. Better yet, you can purchase through my FabFitFun link for $10 off your first box! Here’s the link:

This post contains affiliate links. I make a small percentage of every purchase made through those links, which helps me keep this blog up and running.

Tarte Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer

Let me start this post by saying that I’m not a makeup guru. I hardly ever wear more than foundation and mascara. That being said, I love Tarte cosmetics for many reasons, their Shapetape foundation and concealer being one of them!

Tarte is not only vegan, but makes products especially for sensitive skin. My skin likes to have allergic reactions to things off and on. Sometimes I’ll use a foundation for a few months and then boom! allergic reaction. This hasn’t happened with Tarte’s Shapetape line (I’m praying I don’t jinx myself as soon as I hit publish…).

When they sent me a free sample of their Drink of H2O hydrating boost moisturizer from their Rainforest of the Sea collection for my birthday, I was ecstatic. My skin is both very oily and very dry. Go figure, right? I’ve been doing my best over the past year to really rethink what I put on my skin and how the weather is going to make my face react to different product combinations. The winter months are usually when my nose and cheeks get flaky while the rest of my face decides to repel any and all moisturizer in favor of a nice sheen of grease. It’s great. In comes Drink of H2O. I’ve been using it under my foundation off and on since school started back and while there is still some shine on my forehead, it’s not nearly as bad as usual. The driest parts of my face are no longer dry! Mission success!

There are two sizes available. The 1.70 fl oz can be found here, and the 0.5 fl oz can be found here. The price point seems a little steep, but I would consider it well worth it for the quality of product you’re getting. My skin almost immediately lets me know if something’s irritating it. I have not had an allergic reaction, itchiness, or a major breakout since beginning to use this moisturizer and coming from me, that’s a pretty good track record!

I am in no way, shape, or form affiliated with Tarte cosmetics – e.g. this post is not sponsored – I just really loved this product! (but I do receive a small percentage if you buy a product through the Amazon links)

If you want to read any of my other beauty product reviews, you can check them out here.

Warby Parker Resort Collection Release


It’s no secret that I wear glasses. I got my first pair in sixth grade, and since then I’ve learned that glasses, like makeup and hair, can subtly influence your overall image while also being an integral part of your personality.

I love the of the glasses from Warby Parker. A lot of their frames (with the prescription lenses) are under $100!


I am so excited to announce their newest collection, Resort! The Resort Collection mixes rich acetates with hints of metal inlays and glimmering metallics. The unique outlines, delicate textures, and pops of glossy metal give the glasses a luxurious, high end feel.

I’m a sucker for a good tortoiseshell, and these frames are my absolute favorite! You can shop the rest of the prescription eyeglasses on their website, which you can find by clicking here.

The sunglasses in the Resort Collection are all so different that I can’t pick a favorite. I want them all! The Cleo sunglasses, the first photo shown below, remind me of a classic 1950’s beachgoer. On the other hand, the Wyatt sunglasses are more NYC edgy-chic. The classic gold is subtle, giving the accents a “for your eyes only” feel, but striking enough to get everyone talking. Shop the rest of their sunglasses on their website by clicking here.