A Playlist for the Week

Hello all! So sorry my posting has been infrequent at best, I’ve been under the weather recently. Finals, spring allergies, and the rounding up of the semester (i.e. projects, papers, and mas chaos) has killed everyone’s immune systems. No body even bothers to shush the coughing student in the library anymore.

Which brings me right on into my playlist for this week! Because I’ve had absolutely no energy and about ten times my normal work load for school I needed an extra boost. Despite the ever present cup of coffee in my hands, I was still tired all week (and still am, gosh darn it). So what better way to put a pep in my step than to create a happy, energizing playlist?

macaroon playlist

What are your go to songs when you’re feeling sluggish?

xo Bailey

P.S. All you Amazon junkies out there – be on the lookout for an EPIC new post later this week!

A Playlist for the Week

My boyfriend invited me to the University of Georgia Honor’s College dance last Thursday night. We danced to throwbacks like White and Nerdy and Hips Don’t Lie until we were both sweaty messes (gross, I know). Needless to say, this week’s playlist is inspired by last Thursday’s shenanigans. Enjoy!

90's playlist

xo Bailey

P.S. What are your favorite throwback tracks?

Playlist for the Week

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about rainy days that make me need acoustic music in my life. Here are my top picks (but let’s be honest, I don’t think anybody can have too much Ed Sheeran in their life. Ever.)

acoustic playlist

A Playlist for the Week

Did anyone else have that pop punk phase in junior high that they never truly left behind? Because every time I hear the beginning to I Writes Sins Not Tragedies or Welcome to the Black Parade my ears perk up faster than you can say Jack Barakat! And don’t even mention My Chemical Romance breaking up…that was just a dark, dark time for all of us.

So here’s my playlist for the week, based off all the songs (that I still love) from my “my parents thought I was a goth, but I really just liked black eyeliner” phase. And then two newer songs from All Time Low’s and Sleeping With Sirens’ new albums (that I bought immediately, because who doesn’t love reliving the glory days?)

pop punk playlist

xo Bailey

A Playlist for Mondays

Kicking off the week with an over the top pop playlist full of my favorite boy bands!

Boy Bands Playlist


Who is your favorite boy band?

xo Bailey