Sending Greetings Made Simple with Paperless Post

Some claim the art of letter writing has been lost, but I think it’s merely changed forms. I love sending my friends letters, but because most of them are in college or recent graduates, their mailing addresses change frequently and it’s hard to keep up with them. You know what doesn’t often change? An email address.

Sending snail mail has been popularized again by Instagrammers sharing their letter decorating or hand lettering online, and by the recent Thinking of You Week, but online letters can be just as beautiful.

I teamed up with Paperless Post to send out graduation invitations in May, and I’m back to show you some of their unique designs for sending electronic letters, emails, fliers, and invitations! Paperless Post makes it easy to send a ~paperless~ letter to those you love, without the hassle of figuring out who still sells stamps.

The greeting cards offered by Paperless Post are not only unique, some of them are by your favorite designers! Who knew Kate Spade made e-cards? Well, now you do!

And for all those designers out there, you can upload your design to their website to create your very own e-card. Paperless Post also gives you the option to take your digital design and turn it into a real life card with the help of Paper Source if you find that digital hello’s just aren’t your thing after all.

Like I talked about in my graduation invitation post, I really enjoy Paperless Post because the animation gives you the feel of actually opening a card. Instead of what most e-cards do, where there’s a picture or a video for you to send, Paperless does it differently. When you send your card, your friend gets to see an envelope addressed to them, from you, with a Paperless stamp. The envelope is opened through the animation and your card is pulled out. As far as I’ve found, Paperless Post is the only e-card service that not only lets the sender customize the card and envelope, but allows the sender to cater the experience of opening the card towards the opener. Part of the joy of getting snail mail is actually opening the letter, and this isn’t lost here even though the whole transaction is online!

I picked out a card to send to my mom (hi Mom!). She and I share an affinity for funny greeting cards, and we almost always picked some up from local bookstores in Athens, GA when she visited me!

Dear Paperless Post, you are awesome sauce as well! Thanks for making sending greeting cards so easy!

All pictures are screenshots of Paperless Post‘s website and products. Images are not my own. Post was made in partnership with Paperless Post but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

What I Did in NYC

New York is one of my favorite places on earth. It also helps that one of my favorite people is now living there. That’s sort of what happens when everyone graduates college and figures out adulthood. Friends move, things change, and I plan weekend road trips to visit. My ideal adulthood would consist of me earning a living by visiting friends, but I guess law school will have to do for now.

Anyways! I was in NYC! And boy did I do a lot. Especially considering that I went during the heat wave. It was in the 90’s for most of my trip, which for me living in Georgia I found quite normal, but I think New Yorkers felt like they were living in the Devil’s armpit…the subways were a sweaty b.o. disaster most days.

As I usually do, I visited an art museum. This time it wasn’t just any art museum, it was the art museum. My friend Mira, her girlfriend C, and I wound up at the Met my first day in town. Thankfully they let me do my nerd girl thing and listened as I chatterboxed my way through a bajillion exhibits on Greek, Roman, and Egyptian art. It also helped that C fenced growing up so she knew everything about the swords and armor!

The Camp exhibit was ah-mazing, too. And the Apollo 11 inspired art was my favorite but I was so enamored that I forgot to take pictures! Lol!

I spent around four hours in the Met, wandered around Central Park in search of Halal food (my favorite NYC eat is a food truck falafel wrap with hot sauce and white sauce), and then headed back into Manhattan to meet up with the girls. The cherry on top? We spent the rest of the day at The Strand and eating good food.

It was my first time eating pirogies! And of course I forgot to snap a pic 😦 But here’s a cute set of me eating Big Gay Ice Cream!

Mira and I went out to Stonewall and a few other places before getting 99 cent pizza and wandering through Time’s Square, because no trip to NYC is complete without one dazzling moment under all those lights!

What I Did in Charlotte

I visited a close friend (hey, Emma!) in Charlotte, NC this month. We had such a fun time exploring the city!

Emma moved to Charlotte after graduating from UGA the same time I did. She got a full time job in the city and is living in the up-and-coming South End. It’s super ~trendy~ with all of its murals, Bird scooters, breweries, and outdoor dining options (more on that in a hot sec). While I’m more of a house gal, all of the apartments we walked past looked spacious and welcoming, especially those near the bike path.

My favorite part about South End? WALKING! I am a total sucker for walking everywhere. Emma and I walked to dinner my first night in town, walked about to explore, walked into Uptown Charlotte, walked to lunch…we walked pretty much everywhere. Driving in the city (any city) drives me bonkers, so having a very walkable living situation is my absolute dream.

Another favorite part would have to be the food (told ya I’d get there). I introduced Emma to Tupelo Honey, and Asheville staple. I’m head over heels for their breakfast bowl, which the foundation of is stone ground goat cheese grits!!! Ahhh!! Amazing. Iconic. Truly revolutionary. If you’ve never been, GO. Tupelo Honey now has locations in Asheville, Charlotte, and Durham.

We also met up with family friends at the Flying Biscuit, a chain that originated in Atlanta, GA. It was a little slice of Georgia (where Emma’s from and where we’ve been in school for four years) in the “north” part of the South. Again, I had a breakfast bowl. Shocker!

Even though I love my Tupelo Honey to death, the place I fell for is a little bakery called Amelie’s. The pictures below don’t capture the charm as well as visiting in person. The croissant…let’s just say it’s the best croissant I’ve ever had, and I ate croissants every day when I visited Paris in the 8th grade.

Being the total art nerd I am, the Mint Museum just had to be crossed off my bucket list while I was in town. Their exhibit on collage and contemporary art blew my mind away. I’ve never been a huge fan of modern art (mostly because I’d seen a bunch of weird plastic things like neon pink sharks or walls full of Rothko’s) but the Mint exhibit truly changed my preconceptions. Art as political commentary has been a fun topic for me to explore in my studies, and the Mint did not disappoint in that regard. They also had so much more to offer than just painting. The woodworking and glass art on display was, in my opinion, one of the best non-traditional exhibits I’d walked through.

Emma and I also walked through the Uptown Charlotte area doing the Liberty Walk, which is a historical tour of the Revolutionary War happenings in Charlotte. Not only is it free, you walk through some of the best parts of the city!

Also, I love North Carolinian’s sense of humor. Gets me every time.

Jacksonville, FL

I promise I’ll be off my Florida kick after this post. I just miss the warmer weather so much!


This big blue bridge made me feel like I was back in San Francisco.


I love all the palm trees.




St. Augustine


Last weekend my friends and I traveled to St. Augustine for fall break at UGA. The weather was absolutely perfect. I had friends up north talking about how it was snowing early this year while I was basking in the sun in a tank top and shorts. I was living the life.

My friends and I rented a small air bnb in one of the…sketchier…areas of the city. Favorite part? All the abandoned houses really set the scene for Halloween and the feral cats made it feel extra spooky. The homeless people were really a catch. “Y’all seen Cletus?” was the most quotable part of the trip; however, we still don’t know who or what Cletus is. Lol.


The history buff in me not only loved the aesthetic of the city but also stopped to read each and every historical marker. Needless to say, I was the straggler of the group.


Seeing as this was a “school trip” for the big game on Saturday, I felt that taking a picture with the U.S.A.’s oldest wooden schoolhouse was obligatory.

While I didn’t get the best pictures, the cafes I visited were super trendy and Instagrammable. My favorites were the Cuban Cafe and Bakery and Dreamboat Coffee. If anyone is in the neighborhood, pick up a sweet cream iced coffee from Dreamboat! The barista is the nicest person, and her bubbly personality left me feeling full of giggles, even after my six hour drive to the city from Athens! I totally forgot her name, but shoutout to her because she rocked my world Friday night.


The above photo was the view from our porch…Now that I’m back in Athens, I want to return more than anything!

My Everyday Life

Life has been super crazy, as it always is during October. Between midterms, Homecoming, birthdays, weddings, and so much else I feel like I haven’t taken a deep breath in about three weeks!

Without further ado, let’s jump right into some real time footage of my everyday life this fall.




Homecoming came and went in the blink of an eye. This was my last year on the executive board and being able to plan all of the events will definitely be something I will miss about being an undergrad.


Will celebrated his birthday in Atlanta this year. Both of our families were able to get together for brunch and we had so much fun!


Fall is here and I’ve broken out my favorite leopard print loafers to celebrate.


Celebrating with friends after midterms couldn’t be more fun. So thankful for all of the people UGA has brought into my life!



Happy Thanksgiving!



While Thanksgiving isn’t one of my favorite holidays, I’ve always loved the idea of bringing all your family and friends together for a meal (or a flag football game). As the fall semester of my junior year of college draws to a close I am finding more and more things to be thankful for.

I am thankful for…

My wonderful, supportive family

All my friends, old and new

The opportunities I’ve been given at the University of Georgia


My cat, Chocolate, and my dogs, Boo and Blue

Books, and the authors and editors that make them possible

The mentors I’ve had throughout college that are helping me figure my life out one baby step at a time, haha IMG_0736.jpgIMG_0735.jpg

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Delta Gamma Anchor Jam

Each year Delta Gamma has both a fall and a spring philanthropy event. This past fall we had our annual Low Country Boil, and this past Monday we had out annual benefit concert called Anchor Jam.


Before the concert my friends and I all went out to eat at Pauley’s in Downtown Athens. If you’ve never had crepes before, definitely hit this place up for your first time. The crepes are light and decadent, stuffed with either sweet things like Nutella and fruit or savory things like chicken or cheese. I gave up cheese for Lent and am trying to eat healthier so I ended up having a salad. Let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised by how great it was!



It’s hard to tell in this picture (above), but the walls in Pauley’s are covered with “certificates” for all the people that have had one of every beer Pauley’s serves. The quotes from the master beer drinkers that are displayed on their certificates are hilarious! My friends and I spent most of the night trying to read them all.


After Pauley’s my friends and I made our way to the Georgia Theater, which is also in Downtown Athens. The Wandering Gypsies played as the opener for Anchor Jam, but the main event was The Lonely Biscuits. My friends on the UGA Homecoming Committee always rave about this band, but I’d never gotten to see them perform until Monday night. They were great! I liked how they incorporated both pop and singer/songwriter elements into classic rock’n’roll style jams. Definitely worth checking out if you have a minute.

Life Update: Summer Break

Hey everyone! I hope summer’s been treating you as well as it’s been treating me.

I’ve been away from my blog for a little while. Between prepping for finals, taking my finals, moving myself out of  my dorm, and a beach vacation, my life has been up and happening!

Here are the highlights from my beach vacation:


The weather wasn’t perfect (thanks, wind, for messing up Paige’s hair and making my dress the most awkward outfit situation ever) but at least it wasn’t as hot as a Georgia summer!


My crew and I stayed at Topsail Island, North Carolina. We all highly recommend spending some time in Fort Fisher (especially the Civil War museum) if you’re ever on that side of NC.


My favorite restaurant on the east coast of my home state? Poe’s Tavern! Not only do they have great food, the entire place is decked out in Edgar Allan Poe things like a giant mosaic golden bug and collected works wallpaper!


Thanks for reading! Keep checking in for more interesting things going on in my crazy, adventurous life!

xo, Bailey