Hamilton Mixtape Release Date

Just casually popping in to say... The Hamilton Mixtape has a release date! The Hamilton Mixtape is a joint effort made possible by both Lin-Manuel Miranda and Questlove. Featuring artists such as Alicia Keys, Chance the Rapper, Watsky, and Sia, the mixtape is not only going to be a lyrical masterpiece (not unlike the musical itself) … Continue reading Hamilton Mixtape Release Date

Lin-Manuel Miranda Hosts SNL

If you don't know how big of a crush I have on Lin-Manuel Miranda by now, then, do you even read here? I had no idea who this guy was until my freshman year roommate Paige started talking about some musical named Hamilton. Paige and I are the same person, to put it simply. We … Continue reading Lin-Manuel Miranda Hosts SNL

A Playlist for the Week

Instead of a playlist this week I'm just going to rant about Hamilton. Has anyone out there listened to the whole thing, all three hours, in one sitting? Am I the only one? Well let me tell you, it's beautiful. Not even just that, it's glorious. It has: beat boxing rap battles swelling classical ensembles … Continue reading A Playlist for the Week