Re-Think Your Pumpkin Carving Scraps

I love a good pumpkin patch! And luckily my housemates do too!

Milledge Baptist Church Pumpkin Patch

We all went to the Milledge Avenue Baptist Church Saturday and found gourds galore. I found the perfect, small one right off the bat.

Pumpkin Patch in Athens GA

Burgundy Mock Turtleneck Dress

While I love carving pumpkins, I always feel bad that the insides go to waste. I also hate that the smaller pumpkins I put up as decoration simply get thrown out. So I did a little brainstorming and like magic came up with a few simple solutions:

Happy haunting!

DIY Easter Eggs to Rival Martha Stuart

Dying Easter eggs has been a tried and true spring tradition at my household. I’m creative and ambitious, so of course I’m eager to try new egg dying techniques! My family’s Easter eggs have gotten more creative over the years, thanks to my curiosity and my mom’s undying interest in trying all the new egg dying kits on the market (and there are some great ones this year). We’ve made Pysanky eggs, tie dyed, sticker covered…you name it and we’ve probably tried it!

Marbled Eggs

Last year I made marbled eggs, and they were a huge hit! Better yet, they were crazy easy.

DIY Marbled Easter Eggs

Shaving Cream Eggs

This post from thegoodstuff makes Easter egg dying look so simple! Plus, kids love playing with foam  shaving cream. I’d suggest, if you have small children or especially messy ones, doing this outside on grass or cutting a garbage bag in half and laying it down as a no-fuss mat if you’re indoors. Putting the dying shaving cream in muffin tins is also a genius way to cut down on clean up time (and prevent the mess from going everywhere).

DIY Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

Melted Crayon Eggs

I know my mom would have appreciated this when my brother was little! All you have to do is boil your eggs like you normally would and doodle on them with a crayon while the eggs are still a tiny bit hot. For little, sensitive hands, holding a slightly hot egg with a dish towel works, or even putting the egg in a dixie cup or egg carton (shown below) so it has just enough room to roll around as they scribble. This is a great way to avoid those messy dyes!

DIY Crayon Easter Eggs

Finger Paint Eggs

If you have washable paint and a Sharpie then let’s jump right in! Decide on what animal you want to put on your egg (I’d suggest bunnies and chicks), pick your colors, dip a finger or a thumb in your paint, and dot away. Once the paint dries you go back and draw the details to make your yellow dots chicks and your pink dots bunnies.

This post from Crafty Morning has a lot of great finger painting examples and explains how to finger paint eggs in detail in case you have any questions!

Finger Paint Animals

Sharpie Shadow Eggs

For this idea, all you need are stickers, Sharpies, and eggs. Pick an egg, put a sticker on it, and dot around the sticker to create a “shadow” effect. When you’re done dotting, let it dry for a minute or two and then peel off the sticker. Ta-da! How easy was that?


What are your favorite ways to decorate Easter eggs?


Links I’m Loving

It’s been such a long week, filled with some crazy good surprises!

First off, I made it onto the 2017 Homecoming Committee! For those of you that are new to Bailey Studies Psych and don’t know, I was on the Homecoming Committee for 2016 as the Community Outreach Chair. This year I’ve been selected to be the Court Chair, which plans and executes Homecoming Court interviews, selection, voting, banquet, and crowning.

I also made it into The Arch Society for the University of Georgia (which was perhaps the greatest surprise of the week).

I’ve also been doing yoga more, following an amazing Youtube yogi named Adriene.

Speaking of yoga, check out this sweet set of yogi master army figurines!

And just in time for Valentine’s Day – comedic candles that smell like certain world leaders (lookin’ at you, Justin Trudeau)


Happy Day! Have a great rest of your week!

xo Bailey

Happy Easter!

In the wake of all the festivities my mom and I found a crazy new way to dye eggs (courtesy of Martha Stuart Magazine). Grab some Mason jars (or any deep, wide mouthed cup), food dye, vinegar, and dried goods like beans, quinoa, and lentils!

Fill your containers about a fourth of the way full with your dried goods. Keep everything separate, and try to have dried goods of different sizes. This will determine how speckled your eggs will be in the end.

Next, add the food dye. I used about 10-20 drops per container. You want the beans, rice, barley, etc. to be damp not wet. If a color dries out when you’re dying your egg, don’t panic! Just add a little vinegar to the cup and mix it around.

To dye your eggs just plop them in the containers and gently shake them around. It’s that easy! And there’s very little dye involved so you can take them out with your fingers and not have to worry about staining your hands! But be sure to let the eggs dry in a egg carton and not on the counter top, just in case.

And there you have it, how to make beautiful speckled and marbled Easter eggs in under five steps!

Snapchat-4080503656025412944 (2)20160326_14135520160326_140410








xo Bailey

Everything You Didn’t Know About Easter


From zombie Jesus to monster-sized bunnies breaking into our houses delivering food to our unsuspecting children, Easter is a time of joy for all. No really, I love Easter. My favorite tradition is making Pysanka Easter eggs with my church group. My other favorite thing about Easter is all the wacky facts surrounding the holiday. I’ve rounded up the best of the lot for you:

The UK’s first chocolate egg was made in 1873 (the same year my sorority Delta Gamma was founded!)

Remember the Easter Bunny I talked about earlier? Yeah, he’s actually
from Europe and came to the US in the 18th century. Probably because all the Europeans got tired of him breaking into their houses or something…

Easter is celebrated at different times depending on if you follow Western Christianity or Eastern Christianity!

76% of people eat the ears on the chocolate bunny first, 5% go for the feet and 4% go for the tail. Personally, I eat the ears first. What about you?

Florida held the largest Easter egg hunt, where 9,753 children searched for 501,000 eggs. (I am not a child but 10/10 would have participated if I were there)


Happy Easter!

xo Bailey


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

It’s almost upon us! The worldwide day of love!

And just in case you’re freaking out because you’ve no idea what to get that special girl in your life, don’t fret! These gifts are *almost* as easy as buying a box of chocolates the day of (but way more impressive).

vday for her

Tiffany and Co. Heart Earrings Really any earrings will work…I just really like these as an extra special gift. Some girls don’t like jewelry at all, and some people are allergic to nickle (which is a main component of many earring posts) so be careful when picking these out!

Costco Giant Bear These are outrageously expensive, but getting a giant bear (or really, any kind of bear) has been on many of my friends’ Valentine’s Day wish lists.

Coordinates Necklace I love these! I think they’re perfect if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time and have a special place, like the place you met or the place you hang out all the time, that you want to commemorate. It’d be an especially great gift for long distance couples and can even be incorporated into a couples gift by giving the partner a matching key chain!

Harry Potter Mugs Matching couple mugs have been on Pinterest for what feels like forever now. I think they’re adorable, and they’re so easy to make! Here’s a great website on how to make a Sharpie mug, but if you aren’t artistic that’s okay – you can still buy the mugs off ebay, Amazon, Etsy, and the like!

LUSH I feel like LUSH has become somewhat of a cult craze over the past few months, but their products are to die for so I’m totally okay with it! Anything from LUSH (or Sephora, for that matter) is fair game on Valentine’s Day, especially with the Valentine’s line created just for the holiday!

xo Bailey

P.S. What’s everyone’s thoughts on sentimental vs. cheesy vs. expensive gifts for V-Day?

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

It’s crunch time! Valentine’s Day is less than a week away!

Still don’t know what to get your bae? Check this out for a few nifty suggestions!

vday for him

Build-a-Bear Create a Build-a-Bear and dress it up just like you, record your voice, and boom! The perfect sentimental V-day gift!

Eno Is your guy outdoorsy? Get him an eno, and when the weather’s warm plan for a fun day hike so ya’ll can test it out!

Beer Bottle USA Map For the adventurous beer-snob, or just the guy that likes beer. He’ll think it’s cool regardless.

The Weeknd Shirt Rolling Stones Shirt Shirts and hoodies are also good options if you just don’t know what else to do. Mix tapes (or mix CDs I guess is what they’re called now) and t shirts of your guy’s fave band can almost never fail, just don’t get the wrong size!




A Playlist for the Week

Valentine’s Day is Sunday, so I’ve corralled some of my favorite love songs into on playlist. Enjoy! And don’t forget to go buy half off chocolate at midnight Sunday!

valentines day playlist

xo Bailey

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate World Nutella Day

If none of your favorite social media accounts have told you yet – today is World Nutella Day! So grab your favorite spoon and a brand new jar of hazelnut-chocolatey goodness!

Here are my top five ways to spend today – not that anyone need’s directions on how to eat their Nutella, of course. Think of these more as suggestions I highly recommend you follow, if only for the sake of your taste buds.

1. The “I’m Going to Spoon This Directly Into My Mouth” Recipe

By far the easiest of them all. Takes about 2 minutes of preparation, only because you need to walk to your cupboard, take out the Nutella, go find a spoon, put on a good TV show, and open the jar. Definitely would recommend this to any of the lazy chefs out there (you’re in the same boat as me, don’t worry).

2. Nutella Churro Donut Holes

Also known as deep fried heaven. As Shia Lebouf would say, just do it.


Find them at Cafe Delight

3. Nutella Stuffed Sugar Cookies

There’s an art to making the perfect cookie, and this is it.


Find the recipe at Homemade Hooplah




4. Grilled Nutella and Marshmallow Sandwiches

As Melissa Harrison, author of the Buzzfeed article this recipe comes fromenhanced-17246-1422818356-1, says, this creation is the love child of s’mores and grilled cheese.

Not a big fan of marshmallows? Nor am I, and that’s okay! This recipe works perfectly with bananas instead!


5. Nutella Frosting

Diet? What diet?…Now you can put your Nutella on everything. My favorite Nutella frostings are whipped and buttercream! But why not just have both?



The whipped frosting recipe is from and the buttercream frosting is from





What recipe are you making for World Nutella Day?

xo Bailey

Appreciation Post!

I’ve found that getting a crap ton of stuff I don’t really need from a fat guy in a red suit makes me appreciate the things I already have. On Christmas Day, after everything’s said and done, I smuggle all my gifts up to my room and stow them away (neat, organized, either color coded or alphabetical). Sometimes I use them that night, but most of the time I pull out a CD or a book I’ve been meaning to get to. As I’ve gotten older I appreciate more of the simpler things, and since we are headed into 2016 I’m going to talk about the things I’m most grateful for in 2015 (shocker, right?).

  1. College

6.7% of the world has a college degree. I am so so thankful to be able to go to college! I’m learning every day, I’m meeting new people, AND I get to be away from home. It’s like a vacation, but a really really expensive vacation with lots of books and essays and labs. But it’s still great! Go to college! Live life! Learn important thingymajigs! Yes!

2. My Health

Honestly, I take this for granted every single day. This year someone close to be had a big health scare and it made me realize how important taking care of ourselves is. I’m eating healthier, exercising more frequently, and making a point to take my medications in a timely manner (because when it comes down to it, I can and will put off just about anything).

3. Friends and Family

Bailey, why didn’t you make these two categories? Well let me tell you something, friend, my friends are close enough to be family and my family I sometimes treat like very distant friends (sorry guys, I still love ya). Even though we fight, my parents and brother get me through life’s struggles. And for the struggles they create, my friends come in to rescue me and save the day! I love them all dearly and certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

4. Literacy

A large portion of the world is still illiterate, believe it or not. I am enormously grateful that my parents instilled a love of reading in me at a young age, other wise I would not be able to sit staring at dead, sliced, tattooed pieces of trees for hours on end while hallucinating vividly. Uh, I mean, reading. Yeah, reading.

5. Stability

Like an eighties aerobics woman on a BOSU ball, clad in neon leggings, leotard, and leg warmers, I have obtained the up-most of stability in my life this year. Well, that’s a stretch, but I’m thankful for what I have!

6. Wifi

Dad, this one’s for you. Even with ghostly household wifi problems, he’s our guru, and he hates it. Wifi is one of the many loves of my life, so thanks Dad for holding it together long enough so I can do my school work, surf through social medias, and update my blog.

7. The Bottom Rung of Haslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

That covers the basics, doesn’t it?

8. J.K. Rowling

Because what recent great article hasn’t featured her?

9. Laughter

The best medicine. Unless you actually need a doctor, then maybe some antibiotics would work.

10. Life, the Universe, and Everything

I’m truly honored and blessed to be a part of the world. With its light, its dark, and its in between, I’m happy I’m here to take part in it’s marvelous misadventures with all 7.3 billion of you.


xo Bailey