My Year in Pictures: 2017

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Disney’s The Lion King

Disney's The Lion King

As I mentioned in this post, my mom and I went to see Disney’s The Lion King in Greenville a few weekends ago. I absolutely loved it! I’ve only ever been to Greenville, SC once before, and that was to help pick up my friend’s uncle from the airport. So, I’d never actually been to Downtown Greenville.

My mom and I explored (and got lost) for a little bit before we ate dinner. I loved the weather – sunny, high seventies, and breezy – and really enjoyed being able to eat outside. My mom and I hadn’t made reservations for anywhere, so we ended up at Larkin’s on the River on the patio.


The Watchtower Incident Greenville, SC

An outdoor concert with the band The Watchtower Incident was scheduled to start at the same time as our play, so my mom and I watching band rehearse and set up. My dad is in a band called The Procrastinators, and whenever I’m home I usually watch them practice. Band rehearsal and set up is definitely not a foreign territory for me!

I grew up performing. I love to sing, dance, and act. I had parts in small musicals from age three to age fourteen, and after that I joined a choral group at my high school and began performing slam poetry at age sixteen. Even though I don’t perform anymore, I still love to watch. It brings back so many memories!

Disney's The Lion King


If I’m being honest, I loved the play The Lion King better than the movie. The stage makeup and costume design were phenomenal. And the comedic relief, Zazu, never failed to make the audience shake with laughter (especially when he began to sing Let it Go from Frozen!).

Here are some examples of the costume design and puppets that make the show that much more realistic:

The lions wore large African style wooden masks and most other animal either held or wore a large puppet. Rafiki, on the other hand, only had a tail to classify her as a monkey. Something my mom pointed out is that Rafiki is more of a spirit or priestess than a monkey, which is why she doesn’t have any of the defining features of an animal on stage, like a mask or a puppet. I thought this was a great distinction to make.

Disney's The Lion King

The Force Awakens a Nation

To infinity and beyond! Oh wait, wrong movie.

Disney’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens has already produced record high sales for box offices world wide. The fans span four generations, when you really think about it. Grandparents are taking their grandkids to the theater to see the film! People are sneaking their lightsabers into theaters, Chewbacca was spotted wandering around a parking lot waiting for the midnight showing to begin, and my local Target was almost sold out of Star Wars paraphernalia when I was there last. Heck, even car commercials are beckoning people to the dark side!


As a Christmas present my aunt took me to see the movie. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a theater so crowded. People cheered when the opening screen played! And I cheered with them! The effects, while they could have been completely digitized and hyper-realistic, were done in the style of the first Star Wars.  So was the soundtrack. I nearly cried, not to be over dramatic or anything, but I did. As for Poe, Kylo Ren, Rey, Finn, and BB-8? I idolized their story as much as Luke, Han, and Leia’s first encounter with the Dark Side. While I had my doubts about Disney creating an up-to-standard sci-fye film, I’m pleased to report that I loved it and am impatiently waiting for a sequel.

What did everyone else think about the movie?