What’s on My Radar

Law school work is quickly catching up on me. Here are a few things I found on the web this past week for some light reading:

A question I ask myself often – what happens when I’m no longer impressive for my age? Article from Man Repeller

A story about a ghostwriter and the truth behind an Instagram star (don’t we all wonder how they turn out?)

The Goldfinch came out last week. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 25%. It was one of my favorite books of 2017.

I have a new place to visit: the world’s first cheese conveyor belt

And finally, an easy lunch recipe my friend made for me yesterday. Sun-dried Tomato and Basil Pinwheels from Minimalist Baker

On My Radar

Hello all!

Yesterday was Father’s Day (hi, Dad). I drove Carson home to Asheville for a reunion with my parents. I think it was a very good Father’s Day present. If you’re wondering what I go him, the card I found from Avid Books was on their Instagram! And I also brought home some Athens made beers.

Did you know that the Athena beer from Creature Comforts, in Athens, Georgia, appeared in Endgame? Apparently it’s Thor’s beer of choice!

While I’m not much of a beer person, Will and I have discovered a pineapple cider that we both love (which, if you know us, is a miracle because our food preferences couldn’t be more different). Apparently Trader Joe’s has some and I can’t wait to try it! Sounds like a perfectly ~beachy~ drink.

In other news, I have become slightly obsessed with using canvas bags as purses on the days I run errands. Need a grocery bag? You got it. Running to Target? No need for using plastic bags. Impromptu trip to the farmer’s market? Gotcha. Throwing all your art supplies or writing utensils into one bag that you’ll probably need to wash ten million times to get your paint stains out of it? Look no further. Seriously, I love these things. Bon Appetit wrote an article on them, and what they say about your personality. My favorites are the one from Psychic Wines and Reanimator Coffee Roasters.

That’s the offering for today. Hope you enjoyed my little tid bits on life, although they sometimes seem to go together about as well as all the things you keep in your kitchen’s junk drawer. (Speaking of, if you’re looking to clean out your kitchen Joy the Baker has a post on that.)

What Does Your Restaurant Tote Say About You
from Bon Appetit

On My Radar

This week’s and next week’s blog posts will be on the shorter side because it’s exam season. Best of luck to everyone studying their butts off (and thanks to those procrastinating by reading my blog).

For anyone else still on a Thanksgiving food kick, here’s a great GrubHub post on a chef’s Thanksgiving week. All of her “spontaneous” dishes sound like they’re to die for

Pediatricians swallow Lego heads to prove a point.

See how the New York Time’s Best Books of 2018 compares to Goodread’s Best of 2018 

Here’s my top pic from both of the above articles! 

The great red cup debate. Great for instilling political controversy and for keeping those holiday brew lattes nice and warm. 

This looks like something I need to do to finish the debut novel I’ve been working on since high school.

For your listening pleasure this week.

On My Radar


Easter was yesterday, in case you don’t celebrate it. I had a fabulous time with my family at church and brunch. I am now having a not so fabulous time writing essays and studying for tests, so today’s blog post is going to be short and sweet.

Do audiobooks count as reading? 

Art lessons from Georgia O’Keeffe 

If literature’s complicated men were on Tinder

Proof that cats are liquid

One White House, many eggs, and decades of scary bunnies 

Peeps beer…who knew

Are you a “book spines face out” kinda person, or an artsy “titles face the wall” kinda person? I think I prefer being able to read my book titles, honestly. (Thanks, Mom, for the interesting read!)

What do you think the best Easter eggs are? I ran a Twitter poll (check it out HERE) and the winner was obvious: Reese’s eggs. I prefer M&M eggs. Good Housekeeping checked out tons of different eggs, and ranked them based off appearance, taste, and quality so you’re sure to get the best stuff in your basket.  #themoreyouknow